Swagged Out, Middle-Aged Casino Exec Shows Off Rap Skills [Video]

Perhaps rappers should take notice that this video has better production value than most hip-hop videos out now…

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  • Sharoyce Antwan

    I’m amazed at his ability to kick a rhyme without the usage of the “n” word. He is living the life… being able to call the dancer in the video a “bitch” is power you cant buy(no defamation). He’s mad real when he says that it is all about the paper. New Jersey stand up!

    She Aint Had It Like This

    I Done Fucked Yo Type

  • greenlite616

    HHHOOOOOT SSHHHHIIIT! but for real I’d rather listen to him than listening to Waka Flaka Flame or Gucci Man or Kreyshawn

  • greenlite616

    My bad Waka Flocka