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  • http://whatever cain

    damn can he really make a come back???

  • mutada mullah atari

    Of course he can, there are not many people who can say that they helped develope and recreate the sound of music as stortch did along side Dre, and elizondo in the early 2000′s, he then further reinvented the radio with his early work with beyonce and his middle eastern pitch bent tracks so many used. If he can keep his face out of washed up rap bitches pussies and his nose away from the white girl I have no doubt stortch will do fine

  • Justin

    Actually, Timbaland was already doing the Mid Eastern tunes before Storch was (go check his credentals on Wikipedia) mutada. Hopefully, his beats have gotten better since we haven’t heard from him.

  • mutada mullah atari

    True. Tim had big pimping, get your freak on and a few others that I don’t recall but know exist. I’m sure Scott took his lead from Tim, I just give the guy credit for going in his own direction with it playing the parts instead of sampling like Tim. But the edge always will go to Tim over scott. The collabs they did on the first Justin timberlake record are the best of both worlds , Tims drums and beat box and scotts playing

  • MindState

    He’s gonna fuck up again…Nah I’ll always respect Storch on a musical level. How many white boys can say they used to be in The Roots?

  • kukluxswag

    i gotta feeling he’s gonna bounce back

  • Marko

    Quincy Jones & Storch Huh? I could see him doing Hop Hop Funk And Hip Hop Orchestra Instrumentals with Kanye, Hancock,Will I Am or possibly even Outcast. Dre & Timbaland???? F-Sure……