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  • C4 bitches

    first on something bitches

  • C4 bitches

    first in this bitch C4

  • texasmade

    haha that one bodyguard was acting real tough with the smaller dude then mmg’s bodyguard stepped in and he stopped talking haha i really hate that bitch

  • texasmade

    ross called the cops haha old c.o. friend

  • Coolin

    Rap has gotten lame in the year 2011. Beefing with little white girls now? Shit is too stupid.

  • black jesus


  • no ka oi

    LOL this nikka is a certified bitch ass nikka. Too shook to confront 50 or Jeezy with their problems with him but if its a female no problem. Fake and a fag.

  • bucs

    Ok 50 was more rap beef now jeezy maybe he would if tht nigga was at events jeezy really aint been relavent yea he was in mia wit the ak but did they say where ross was at im not a roos lover either jus think yall on bull or luv tht kreayshawn bitch but she was talkin reckless y not confront her u cant jus talk shit wit out no response she shoulda shut tht ass up shes a women not sayin yall niggas who act hard but if u are u bet not be on here talkin tht women shit cause them niggas dont giv a fuc