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  • 305reprezentah!

    Thats my nigga ROSS! Shitting on HATERS ALL DAY LONG. I love this nigga maaaaanne..(nohomo). Keep makin these rappers & critics suck a D-I-C-K!!! Keep making these niggas jealous as F-U-C-K!!! You deserves this, U serve a purpose. If U need More people working for u, then hit me up Ross. I would do Anything to work for Maybach. CHEERS!


      Your a retarded ass nigga Ross a bitch ass nigga donut scarfing CO snitchin on niggas this is how fucked up the game is now you on that nigga dick but he aint shit 50 shitted on that nigga touched that niggas seed and he’s so gangster he didnt do shit you homo ass bitch


    Damn I didnt know Dan Marino got locked up recently.

  • black hippo

    Jealous of Rick Ross? LOL you’re and idiot, son. Who would envy a fake ass rapper?