Poll Results: What Are Your Thoughts on Watch the Throne? [Poll Results]

Jay-Z and Kanye West’s highly-anticipated Watch the Throne album has received some mix reviews since its release on Tuesday (Aug. 9). But, according to XXL readers, the verdict is pretty cut and dry: the album is “incredible!”

We polled our viewers and asked: Now that Jay-Z and Kanye West’sWatch the Throne has been released digitally, what are your thoughts on the album? Here’s what they had to say:

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  • Jack Tripper

    You muthafuckas kill me. You say that based on the pool ‘according to XXL readers…..the alblum is “incredible!”". But it’s not that cut and dry.

  • Dmxej

    This is a bullshit poll. There is no middle ground whatsoever, which seems to be what most people are saying about this album. It’s good but not incredible. Why not have an “it’s OK” option?

  • keith bhatt

    yeah the albums so incredible …… thats y i torrented it and deleted almost every track off it cept for a couple cuz they all trash… and im not a hater either i rap myself