Picture This: Tech N9ne’s All 6′s and 7′s—The Tour

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    Picture This: Tech N9ne's All 6's and 7's—The Tour
    <em>XXL</em> published photos of Tech N9ne's show in Magna, Utah as part of the MC's All 6's and 7's tour in its September issue. The Technician did not disappoint. Sporting face paint as usual, the underground king performed favorites from his catalog for a crowd of 3,500 of his rabid fans at Magna's The Great Saltair. Here are some photos that didn't make the magazine. Also tune in tomorrow to see behind the scenes footage of Tech's recent show in Minneapolis.—<em>XXL Staff</em>
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  • Mike719

    Could be wrong but this looks a lot like Denver and not Utah

  • Damn

    The whitest nigga I know, hillbily’s love’em though. Got these fools thinking they bloods we he aint even one for real for real, nigga wasnt never in the streets in the city, rappers gonna get yall killed!!!!!

  • fuckyall

    fuck gangs just bunch pussy who cant handle there bizz but in groups. get them one on one i bet half them cant fight lol

    • Damn

      Then tell this nigga wack ass to stop acting like he a gang member then, you fuckn pole smoker! Pussy you prolly cant fight thats why you do that shit on here tuff ass typer! Now fuckyouyall!

      • http://xxlmag.com Blake

        TECH N9NE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • http://xxlmag.com Blake

        You need to understand the history of tech n9ne!! Been in the game for over 20 years!! has songs with all your favorite rappers!!! All the big names from today and yesterday!! undergound and mainstream!! True Blood bitch!! Ask e40 ask ice cube ask yuk mouth ask spice 1 ask scar face ask lil wane ask snoop ask anybody you fuckin hater bitch!! tech is way beyond the juggalo white fan base!! They are just one of the many people that have givin him a chance..dont judge a book by its cover!! The imagery is what makes black people hate!! Take the time to listen and see that he is just as black as you!! only thing is he is way more open minded!! When the smoke clears only the snake and bat will appear!!!

  • http://xxl biged

    tryin to talk shit about tech get the fuck outta here. he been doin it before your mama let u off the porch. im gettin sick of these young faggots tryin to diss. go bang lil b then.

    • Herb

      Nigga dont nobody give a fuck how you feel, dick ridin ass!!! Do like me and think for yourself pussy!!!!!

  • Kane

    hella dope got my copy today absolute murderous