Who You Wit: Kanye West Ranks No.1 As Jay-Z’s Best Go-To Producer

Dr. Dre Ranks No.10 As Jay-Z’s Best Go-To Producer.
Trackmasters Rank No.9 As Jay-Z’s Go-To Producers.

DJ Premier Ranks No.8 As Jay-Z’s Best Go-To Producer.

Swizz Beatz Ranks No.7 As Jay-Z’s Go-To Producer.

Diddy and The Hitmen Rank No.6 As Jay-Z’s Best Go-To Producers.

Ski Beatz Ranks No.5 As Jay-Z’s Best Go-To Producer.

The Neptunes Rank No.4 As Jay-Z’s Best Go-To Producers.
Timbaland Ranks No.3 As Jay-Z’s Best Go-To Producer.

Just Blaze Ranks No.2 As Jay-Z’s Best Go-To Producer.

1. Kanye West
Kanye West has been cementing his legacy as arguably the most prolific MC of his time since bursting onto the scene with his 2004 debut, The College Dropout, but it’s his super production—most notably on Jay-Z projects—that laid the foundation for West to become one of music’s brightest stars. Along with Just Blaze and Bink, Yeezy shares the distinction of being one of the architects of the sped up soul sample sound that was ubiquitous in the early 2000s. Using Hov’s The Blueprint as a launching pad in 2001, ‘Ye became one of the game’s most sought after producers and remains one of Jigga Man’s go-to boardsmen 10 years later. He even co-executive produced 2009’s The Blueprint 3. Mr. West’s avant-guard approach to producing makes him a perfect fit for Jigga, who has done a masterful job of keeping with the times throughout his illustrious 15-year career. Yeezy may have evolved into Hov’s peer on the mic, but the Louis Vuitton Don has no equal as Jay’s best go-to producer.—XXL Staff

Released Tracks: 20
Album Appearances (1pt): 6 = 6pts
Officially Released Singles (2pts): 4 = 8pts
Grammy Nominations (3pts): 4 = 12 pts
Top 40 Singles on Billboard Hot 100 (4pts): 4 = 16pts
Signature Track (s) (5pts): “This Can’t Be Life,” “Takeover,” “Izzo (H.O.V.A.),” “Heart of the City,” “Encore,” “Lucifer,”  “Run This Town” 7 = 35pts
Total: 77pts

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  • http://facebook richard roane

    west is that boy real shit.

  • RoboMc


  • j

    The problem with XXL’s theory is that Kanye has co-producers ALL THE TIME so……

    The winner hands down is Just Blaze

  • Rick


  • A-Roy

    the key word is “producer” not “beat-maker”. That’s why Kanye wins – not many people in the game can put elements together better than he can, even though he probably ain’t playing none of em himself lol

  • Sean Izzle

    I see XXLMag took my words from my last comments and did a good thing by finally mentioning Bink.

    If ya’ll went that far ya’ll can might as well contact him for an interview and see whats up these days. U heard that? Just do it, cause we want it, we the Hip-Hop heads want it

  • Sean Izzle

    And most definitely congrats to Kanye West and the other producers on the list ya’ll all no.1, ya’ll all won.

    I liked this whole Who You Wit: Best go-to producer thing. What artist are ya’ll gonna do next time around?

    im out

    • Los Angeles Angelz

      It won’t be Wayne, cause dude don’t pay them!

  • Soul The Rebel

    preemo’s in 8th place? now that’s some dumb shit …

  • Dmxej

    people seem to forget that this is an actually rated scale with criteria based on Jay’s overall career. No one is saying preemo is 8th as far as his skills go, but when it comes to jay’s career, no one has made more album tracks, and hits for him as far as grammy nominations and top singles go as kanye west has. None of this is speaking about the work of the producers themselves, only in relation to Jay-Z. I wish him and preemo did more tracks together, but everyone knows that Kanye has shaped Jay’s beat selection more than any other producer after 2001.

  • Los Angeles Angelz

    I agree, there is a difference between “Beat Maker” and “Producer”-Kanye is a Producer, listen to some of his tracks like “Power”, (BIG SOUND), “Diamonds are Forver” (Big Sound), “Jesus Walks” (The Biggest Sound), he just builds so many layers that fits….then the tracks with Jay, “Run This Town” ( A Big Record) , I do not agree withthe fact that Kanye is Jays’ go to producer he is not, I could argue that Timberland and Just Blaze have crafted bigger long term hits for Jay, but Kanye has crafted some strong grammy worthy gems as well, just not as many.

  • neic

    Did he fall out wit just blaze? they never work 2gethr no more