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  • John Ngo

    Juelz Santana is the best rapper of this decade but not as good as Notorious B.I.G because he had the best lyrics.

    • bullets

      WTF of the decade you mean to tell me juelz santan is better than eminem, lloyd bakns, jayz, lil wayne, game, joell ortiz, fabolous, etc wtf are you smoking? he’s not even top 20 of this decade and not top 100 of all time never put that boy ina sentence w/ biggie you crazy

  • tstiffy

    I’m a Dip fan and Juelz can spit no doubt, but his lazy ass isn’t dropping shit this year other than the retainer to his lawyers. Santana is the Dwight Gooden of rap—great in the early stage of his career, but can’t seem to get it going once he hit 25.

    I hope Vado was watching Juelz moves like an afterschool special.

  • Jimmy X

    Damn Juelz can you give your fans some new mixtapes,i feel like he should drop an album every year to make up.He should of had about four or five albums out by now.