Jay-Z & Kanye West: Expensive Taste

Hip-Hop has always been a musical genre known for its expensive taste. But when Jay-Z and Kanye West, two of rap’s biggest spenders, teamed up for Watch the Throne, no one knew their flows would be so costly. XXL staffers have been talking about the album since it dropped earlier this month, and have been fighting over whether Hov or ‘Ye had the more pricey lines. Luckily, an inside source found the duo’s receipts. And if you didn’t know, they rich, bitch! —Jesse Gissen

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    Damn… Jigga Man beat Ye by a long shot… More quotes and pricier items. All Kanye’s got now to brag about is that ego…

  • Rimbo

    Oh, another shit substance-less article about Jay-Z and Kanye. Shocker.

  • Sean

    Good for them satanic niggas.If I sell my soul and become a puppet i could talk about lavish shit as well.Figure it out.

  • thoms3

    so all the broke people bums and homeless have their souls… but all the rich people are souless devils…lol… your soul looks real comfortable in that Kia Spectrum…lol…

  • yaSire

    Slow Monday Huh?? Smh!! lol!!

  • Los Angeles Angelz

    And the purpose is? Dayum-

  • Free Speech

    ever since I read this, ‘ave been so depressed. Now i been trying to sell my soul…I don’t know who’s gonna pay me for it ? all i want in return is like $100m in cash in multiple Gucci and LV duffle bags, the bentley and the ferrari, tribeca loft apartment, and most importantly – an unlimited fully-paid lifetime membership to the Elite NY escort agencies where they have the most beautiful US and Euro girls who fly in to fuck you for serious large amounts of money

  • Marcus nasty

    hahahahahahaha.. we broke fool gassin. im glad im from the uk. the only bitch rich down here is the queen.

  • chris cartier

    well… they forgot about maybachs on bachs on bachs on bachs on bachs.

    5 maybach 62s… $2,161,250

  • William Leonard Roberts II

    In my opinion the best verse on ye’s latest cut was the guest on Devil in a New Dress, whoever it was spit straight FIRE. You don’t get real rappers like that in the game anymore.

    • BCK

      You mean Rick Ross?

      • Doodoo

        Funny. Hes saying Rick Ross is a REAL rapper

  • nuvector

    not a miele but a Richard Mille…one of the best watch companies every founded. so up that reciept about another $200K…lol.

  • http://xxl Casey Sparxx

    I gotta say though some of tha black gear jigga rocks, kinda nice,not so sure bout kanye’s taste thugh..lol

  • aliyah

    You guys are missing quite a few lines for both artist and all the other songs from the album that are not listed have even more lines. So this is inaccurate. :)