Jadakiss always has his lyrical cannons loaded and ready to put a hole in your speaker. One of the all-time greatest spitters told XXLMag.com whether he's getting on a track with a rookie or a multi-platinum superstar, he’s guaranteed to effortlessly tear it down.

“I feel like Kobe [Bryant] or Mike [Jordan],” Jada shared with XXL. “Not with the 45 on [the Jordan jersey] either. But when he wasn’t dunking as much and when the turnaround was just as efficient as when he was kissing the rim, flying against people. I feel like it still don’t matter who you throw me in there with and I’m gonna shine like never before.”

LL Cool Kiss is still working on his next LP, Top Five Dead or Alive, but he's also keeping his name out there with plenty of guest spots. One cameo he’s especially looking forward to coming out with is a Lil Wayne track called “It’s Good.” The song also features Drake and will be on the August 29 release of Weezy's highly anticipated album, Tha Carter IV.

“I see myself as unstoppable,” the Black Babe Ruth boasted. “Especially joints like Carter IV. I gotta do [a song for] Jeezy’s TM 103 too. I read blogs and all of that. The majority of the comments are good. Some are bad. But just to feel I murdered stuff with the newer generation, it makes me feel great. I already know what it is, but when my point gets across to the outside listener or consumer, a blogger or just little Billy from Illinois, that makes me feel marvelous; [as] opposed to some money or getting an award or anything. When I can read a blog and they said ‘Holy shit, Kiss just murdered this song wit Lil Tunechi,’ I’m like ‘Yeah, y’all recognize now.’ Like a professor who’s been trying to get that one math problem across to his students for an entire semester then they get it at the end. It’s a beautiful thing.”

The Yonkers legend remarked that it was humbling to be such a seasoned vet and get requested to appear on a LP as highly anticipated as C IV.

“I feel blessed to still be here,” Jada added. “To get called for Tha Carter IV, for him being able to recognize that I can help on one of the songs on his album with my mechanics is a beautiful thing. I respect his ear. Some shit he does is far out to me, but I still love him as a lyricist. For me to be a part of that is a beautiful thing. Especially coming out of jail, he could have called anybody.” —Shaheem Reid