J. Cole Reveals Tracklist for Cole World: The Sideline Story

1. Intro
2. Dollar and a Dream III
3. Can’t Get Enough ft. Trey Songz
4. Lights Please
5. Interlude
6. Sideline Story
7. Mr. Nice Watch ft. Jay-Z
8. Cole World
9. In The Morning ft. Drake
10. Lost Ones
11. Nobody’s Perfect Ft. Missy Elliott
12. Never Told (prod. by No I.D.)
13. Rise and Shine
14. God’s Gift
15. Breakdown
16. Cheer Up
Bonus Tracks: Nothing Lasts Forever, Work Out, Daddy’s Little Girl

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  • jimmyjam33

    tracklist looks shit as hell, songs weve already heard ages ago, old as shit. lights please, what the fuck, in the morning. so weve pretty much heard most of the songs.

    • jfl11

      I count 15 songs out of 19 that haven’t been heard yet. That’s not most of the songs. I will say that having Lights Please and In the Morning on the album is an absolute farce. Bad look.

      • jimmyjam33

        its not as if interlude or intro are gonn be anything, cant get enough, lights please, in the morning, cheer up, work out, lost ones ive heard, considering intro and interlude are probably just tht. thts pretty wack, specially since, lights please is from 2009 and in the morning is from last year, dollar and a dream will probably have the same beat as the other. none of the other track names get me excited at all.

    • @jimmyjam33

      thats two songs you listed… also lights please is dope and is what got him signed to the roc it has meaning to him. in the morning i dont understand but thats one song out of 19 that arguably shouldnt be there…id be happy with 12 new songs let alone 15/16 depening on if u heard the leaks

    • Kid Chyllen

      Fake ass Cole fan, Stop bitching -.- I can understand why Lights Please is on the album. It means alot to him (It’s the song that got him signed to RocNation). In the Morning is what gave him even more new fans. Cheer Up was a leak by him, we were meant to hear it. Can’t Get Enough and Work Out are singles.

    • James

      Any J.Cole fan would understand why he put Lights Please on the album however “In The Morning” is the only song i say shouldnt be on here especialy the version with Drake on it….but im glad he made this more than just your average 12 track album.

  • R2j

    It’s a decent LP but hopefully Cole will put out BRAND NEW material next year. Cole World should sound nice if you REALLY LOVE hip hop.

  • http://twitter.com/finaldraft VR

    I don’t see how Light Please on the album is a bad look at all. Concept was ill, and a lot of people haven’t heard it. So while it may be old (yet timeless) to his new fan, its it brand new to many. So why not show new fans why his old fans fell in love with him in the first place.

    And that two sounds out of 17, are cats really complaining over two sounds?

  • cole fan

    fuck yall….cole world!!!!

  • slutty whore

    i wanna suck his dick

  • VTU

    what about kanyes album.. we heard 6/13 tracks (over 50%) yet it is still a classic.

    • jimmyjam33

      actually i ddnt here and of the dark fantasy track, i ignored good friday.

  • Mutada mullah atari

    Guaranteed flop. Period.

  • black jesus

    lmao at missy elliott being on the album. ill be sure to bump that one while cruising in my escalade on spinners, wearing my celtics throw back, on my way home to watch a new episode of chapelles show and chatting on my 2 way.

    aka this aint 03 nigga.

    • mutada mullah atari

      Best comment of the week, and I did not even need the aka. Hahaha, shit is probably a left over missy verse from camels hey day

      ‘hey Cole sorry I took 3 years to ensure your buzz dies down and release your album, here is a consolation I got an old missy verse you can throw on your shit’ sincerly camel p

  • VP

    Why yall trippin about the track-listing for all you know he could’ve switched up the beat or even the lyrics.

  • kukluxswag

    can’t wait 4 da album to drop. J Cole prince of the hip hop

  • really though …?

    Don’t Trip.

    Simply put; There are no newcomer artists like J.Cole. His ability to poetically rhyme a story from start to finish, while painting such a vivid picture with mere words has not been seen since the days of Nas. (eg. Nas “Rewind” v J.Cole “Lost Ones”).
    Each song leaked, yet still chosen for the LP has proven to be lyrically flawless. Whether it be, “Light’s Please”, “Cole World”, “In the Morning”, or “Lost Ones”.

    Your anger stems from wanting to hear new material, which is far from saying that any of his existing material is artistically weak.
    He is still fairly new as far as being an artist. So give him time and I’m sure that his music will continue to speak volumes.

  • shzntt

    Lights Please, In The Morning and Work Out are the only songs that you should have heard legally, anything else was a leak against his will 16/19 tracks is a win win. All your classic albums had old songs on them illmatic had Halftime, Ready To Die had stuff off his demo, Slim Shady LP had a ton of stuff off the EP and the list goes on and on. Just wait to the album drops “BUY IT” then judge it on it’s merits until then stop bitching.