"Niggas in Paris" is arguably the internet's favorite joint off Jay-Z and Kanye West's Watch the Throne album. On the record produced by Kanye West and Hit-Boy, Yeezy spits, "What’s Gucci my nigga?/What’s Louie my killa?/What’s drugs my deala?/What’s that jacket, Margiela?" We totally get the Gucci, Louie and drug references, but Margiela? Hold up, what's that? We here at XXL consider ourselves fashionable people, but 'Ye lost us with that one. So much so that it drove the braintrust at XXL to do our homework and this is what we came back with.

Martin Margiela is a Belgian fashion designer who studied under the tutelage of Jean Paul Gaultier before rolling out with his own line of fine threads, including coats, jackets, pants, shirts and leather outerwear.

Now, those of y'all who didn't know—and us here at XXL—know what 'Ye is talking about when he says, "What's that jacket, Margiela?"

Peep some of the designs.

Shoot, Margiela should make Kanye his own jacket after that plug.

We think Kanye would feel a Margiela joint like this. What y'all think?