That Shit Cray...


One of Kanye's lyrics is once again becoming part of pop culture's lexicon. "That shit cray," as Kanye periodically spits throughout "Niggas in Paris," became the newest slang term of the moment only hours after WTT finally hit stores.

Frank Ocean Will Become An In-Demand Hookman


Frank Ocean's been buzzing in hip-hop circles for months, but aside from being featured on MellowHype's Blackened White and Tyler, the Creator's Goblin, the New Orleans-bred singer hadn't appeared on too many rap songs before Watch the Throne. Chances are his infectious hooks on WTT's "No Church in the Wild" and "Made in America" will have MCs tapping Ocean for choruses. The Odd Future affiliate seems to march to the beat of his own drum, so there's no telling if he'll capitalize on the newfound demand. One thing is sure, though. His phone is ringing off the hook. Pun intended.

Sunglasses and Advil


What better way to describe an epic binge drinking night than to quip, "Sunglasses and Advil/Last night was mad real" as Kanye does on "No Church in the Wild." The line is sure to find itself on your Facebook news feed, Twitter timeline or become one of your friends' BBM statuses.

The MoMA Will See An Influx of Visitors


Jay and 'Ye have long fancied themselves connoisseurs of fine art, but it more often than not went over their listeners' heads. WTT may finally do the trick. Hov in particular, name-drops the MoMA several times and mentions Jean-Michel Basquiat, Andy Warhol and art dealer Larry Gagosian on Throne. Jay's lines may just inspire his fans to visit the MoMA, among other museums. First Saturdays at the Brooklyn Museum doesn't count, fellers.

The Dubstep Sound Will Spread Into Hip-Hop


Kanye has a history of shaping hip-hop's new sonic waves and Dubstep fusion could very well be the next chapter. Dubstep—an electronic dance genre out of the UK—was already gaining popularity pre-Watch the Throne, but Yeezy's use of it throughout the album should prompt other producers to follow suit.