Five Things XXL Expects from Soulja Boy Now That He’s 21

First of all, XXL would once again like to wish Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em a happy birthday. SB turned 21 years old last Thursday (July 28). Yes, the young stunna who captured the hip-hop world by storm as a 17-year-old with his monster hit, “Crank That,” is all grown up. He can actually get into the clubs he’s been rapping about now…legally. But, let’s get real. Some of the knucklehead antics SB has gotten away with over the years won’t fly anymore. He’s a full-fledged man now. XXL gives advice to Soulja as he says goodbye to his life as a child.

Change your name…
Check your license, DeAndre Way. You’re no longer a Soulja Boy, you’re a Soulja Man. Soulja Boy told ‘em, now it’s time to Soulja Man to show ’em.

Leave the “Pretty Boy Swag” Alone…
It’s time to switch up your steez to that grown man swag, playboy. And no more doing them funny dances. Time to stick to the two-step, like the rest of us.

Be Careful Who You “Kiss Thru the Phone”
Them underage girls will kill you. Make sure to check IDs.

Trade in the Jewels
No self-respecting 21-year-old is allowed to rock a Super Mario Bros. chain. Time to make another visit to Jacob the jeweler.

Step Your Rap Game Up…
Time to step it up lyrically, homie. You are no longer “just a kid,” so no more passes.

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  • Souljaman

    yea you guys make some good points but


  • makaveli

    and number 6 and most important – JUST QUIT THAT THING YOU CALL “RAPPING”. Do us a favor, do the entire hip hop world this favor, we are begging you.

    • Blackie


  • Anthony Rentas

    people always have negative things to say bout soulja boy they use the songs he made before as a point…this dude is a true rapper

    • TrueHipHopListener

      In what ways is he a true rapper? Seriously, I wanna know….

    • RAp Lover

      You gotta be kidding me -___-

  • chamillitary

    Anthony Rentas, people like you is the reason nowadays hip hop is a pop, bubble-gum, bling bling, lyrically retarded music.
    You along with Soulja Boy, Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane, Prada Mane Wocka Flocka and i can go on for days.
    Vanilla Ice is pure classic considering the nowadays “stars”.
    Even those two 7 year old kids named Kris Kross were rapping better than half of the rappers now.

  • Nocturnal

    I agree with cha…. Soulja dude is no rapper… I dont think he can ever step up his lyrical game…. Speakers going hammer? really? ok maybe he was the lil adorable kid on you tube… but Cmon… dudes like this is killing true hip hop…

    Swag Lives through Confidence….Get Money!!!

  • TrueHipHopListener

    Good idea. Change it to what everybody calls you…Soulja B*tch.
    Only queers have special dances. Major queers have dances for themselves.
    Cuz I think your Mom is sick of gettin’ tongue!
    I’m quite disturbed you had a Super Mario Bros. chain in the first place.
    Uhhh, not much to say here. Just STOP! Everytime you step up to the mic, the legends turn in their graves. A COMPLETE insult to rap music….

  • WindyCityWonder

    Some Cats On These Sites B Hatn Hard Im Not A Soulja Boy Fan But Hes Good At What He Does Hes An Entertainer Why Guys B Watching His Swag IDK N Waitn 4 Dat Jay-Z Line 2 Come Out Then If He Did Get Lyrical Guys Would B Oh He Stealing Jay Swag Truth Is We All Would Make Silly Dances If we Could Make Money Cats That Sit At Home Doing Nothing Quick 2 Judge If U Broke U shouldnt Speak On Niggas Who Got Millions Cause He Could Stop Rapping 2day But His Money Will B Talking 4 A Long Time U Can Hate A Man But Nobody Hates Money only those who dont know how 2 make money hate those with money hit soulja boy up u might b working mowing his lawn 1 day then u can wave while he crank dat soula boy :D

  • WindyCityWonder

    Also Grown Men Shouldnt Use The Word Swag 2 Describe Another Mans Character In This Day N Time Swag Is Another Word 4 Sexy IMO The Chicks Got The Swag Guys That say Other Guys Have Swag R Simply Homo…

  • fuckyall

    i dont care if you call me a hater. but this dude got go either by quiting or death dont matter to me .

  • Paul Wallace

    XXL, let’s be real: all of these things would apply when he reached the ACTUAL legal age of 18, three years ago. Come on, step your game up.


    As much as I dislike this dude’s music. You’re never too old to rep Super Mario Bros. Especially when you do that in a super iced out way.

  • http://xxl 40water619

    *Breaking News* -This just in…
    DeAndre Way aka Soulja Boy gets the Beats by Dre pictured in photo repo’d by Andre Young aka Dr. Dre due to non-payment… ha broke ass…

  • http://yahoo diggystime

    cnt knock da hustle. gucci 30+ and he and wacka get away wit dat shit. i personally appreciate the jewels that go in yo brain. none of them niggas cash mean shit to me. i hope they make all they can!

  • Anthony Rentas

    @nocturnal you all dissing soulja boy but you havent heard a new song the last song ya heard was pretty boy swag which was like a year ago and since then he came out with 3 new mixtapes and 121 songs…
    @chamilitary dude you judge by the past and soulja boy has 3 million followers and drake got 2 million so drake curses in about all his songs and without cursing hip hop or rap will not exist…
    if you reply to me be careful what u say cuz i will make a comeback

  • imwhite


    Your an idiot. You hate on a dude that will see more money then your whole family will ever touch, and to top it all off you leave that gay ass “swag lives through confidence..Get money”? Who is getting money? Soulja boy