Fans Vote: Do You Believe Kanye West and Jay-Z Have Beef? [Poll Results]

Last week, the hot gossip around town was that Jay-Z and Kanye West were beefing behind the scenes because of tour costs (Kanye wanted to spend, Jay wanted to save). Although Jay has since gone on the record to deny all speculations, XXL polled its readers to ask them if they believed the rumors, and the outcome was almost split down the middle. Check out the results:

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  • fireforreal

    There’s no beef, Everytime you get two people together who are stars already in there own right it’s a proven fact people assume there is beef even when there isn’t. I bet the rumor was made up by Damone Dash or some rapper who wishes they had the attention fromthe fans for there music like Jay and Ye’ do lol

  • Los Angelez Angelz

    Who is Damon Dash?

  • prettynana43

    The 2had a disagreement,,,let it go already! There is no beef between the 2,,,,KEEP SHINING N STAY BLESSED JAYZ N YE!

  • biggz

    america don’t be so stupid no wonder the Chinese are taking over! what better way to hype up the album than through word of them beefing? i mean WATCH THE THRONE ?