Fans Vote: Are You Looking Forward to Hearing Justin Bieber Rap? [Poll Results]

Justin Bieber has been showcasing his rapping chops around the interweb lately and has even landed rap features on upcoming albums for Chris Brown and Asher Roth. With that in mind, XXL polled readers and asked if they are looking forward to it or not. And the results are:

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  • Ozzy

    Shes really cute but i dont wanna hear her rap.

  • Aaron

    i swear tis is getting out of control….Please stop the madness!

  • po

    please stop / this is y people say hip hop is dead.. what can he rap about that has any meaning? everyone is selling out puttin him on a song & drake & rick ross & all those wanna bees.. life is more important then money. get real

  • Mr. 306

    no word of a lie. come to Saskatoon Saskatchewan and i’ll do everything in my power to murder your fucked up ass.

  • poop

    Iheard it. Its basically just a remix of look at me now but surprisenly he did a better job than that faggot hitter chris brown. I not a fan tho but I respect him only because he does have talent.

  • fuckyall

    i guess a lot young or teenage girls are gay. dont this motherfucker look like a 12 year old girl lol

  • Genghis

    if there was a choice for ‘this little faggot needs to quit music all together ‘ it would have won the poll.

    I remember a time when you had to be good at something to get rich and famous off it. ESPECIALLY hip-hop. It’s dying in front of our eyes and we’re letting it.

  • carol

    Please stOP HATING on chris Brown, he can sing and everyone knows thiis, except for someone that would like to be like him, but cant. sorry honey Chris Brown is very good, stop hating and put your hater ade juice down.