Dynamic Dream Duos

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    Dynamic Dream Duos
    Ever since Jay-Z and Kanye West’s <em>Watch the Throne</em> dropped last week, several MCs have come together in hope to form rap's next great rap dynamic duo. While hip-hop fans have been eagerly awaiting the release of <a href="http://www.xxlmag.com/news/2011/08/lil-waynedrake-collabo-lp-coming-birdman-confirms/">Lil Wayne and Drake’s collabo album</a>, they’ve only recently learned of plans from <a href="http://www.xxlmag.com/news/2011/08/camron-jim-jones-prepping-joint-album/">Cam’ron and Jim Jones</a> as well as French Montana and Waka Flocka Flame working on their respective tag-team LPs. That’s in addition to Waka already teaming with Gucci Mane on their shared album, <em>Ferrari Boyz</em>. <em>XXL</em> thought of several more tandems—most with history together—the masses would love to see join forces for a buzzworthy album.
  • stylespandjadakissfeature
    Jadakiss and Styles P
    <strong>Group Name:</strong> JPMD (Jada and Paniro Making Dollars)<br /><strong>Album Title:</strong> <em>Serious Business</em><br />Simple and plain: There ain’t two many duos in the game that can trade bars as fluidly as Kiss and SP the Ghost a la EPMD. That album would be dope. AH-HEH!
  • kanyewestandfeature1
    Kanye West and Kreayshawn
    <strong>Group Name:</strong> ’Ye & Kreay<br /><strong>Song Title:</strong>"That Shit Kreay!"<br />Ok, so maybe an entire album by 'Ye and Kreay is pushing it, but it'd be interesting to see a collabo going down just off Kanye’s “That shit cray” line on “Niggas in Paris.” The saying is begging for a Kreayshawn interpretation. In fact, why hasn't she caught on yet?
  • nasandazfeature
    Nas and AZ
    <strong>Group Name:</strong> AfFIRMative Action<br /><strong>Album Title:</strong> <em>Life’s A Bitch</em><br />The longtime collaborators and friends have an impeccable track record together. Why not feed the streets with the joint album they've been longing for since <em>Illmatic</em>'s "Life's a Bitch?" Esco y Sosa?
  • rickrossandyoungjeezyfeature
    Rick Ross and Young Jeezy
    <strong>Group Name:</strong> White on White Dope Boys<br /><strong>Album Title:</strong> <em>All of the White</em><br />Sure, Jeezy and Rozay don’t see eye to eye, but the two are more alike than perhaps they’re willing to admit. They’re two of the best when it comes to rapping about that white, flipping bricks and are competing in the same lane. By combining forces they could turn in the kind of music that not only gives thugs motivation, but is deeper than rap. RRUUHH! YEEAAAH!
  • lilbandkoolkeithfeature
    Lil B and Kool Keith
    <strong>Group Name:</strong> Perfect Strangers<br /><strong>Album Title:</strong> <em>Weirdtastic</em><br />Cool. Weird. Strange. Gay (as in happy of course). All adjectives stirred in a giant, zany, pot of gumbo. <em>XXL</em> would listen.

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  • AnteK

    Lil B all day, all collabs sounds dope!

    Imma keep hoping! Props

  • no


  • ice

    most these duos sound great.SOMEBODY NEED TO MAKE THESE HAPPIN

  • SP.

    Aye….2 b honest, if jeezy and ross worked together, that would add a good 3 years to the lightbulb of their spotlight. I know for a fact that would be huge as hell, at least in the south.

  • digisnacks

    fab & lloyd banks

  • geahhh

    lil b should team up with lloyd banks awhahhahahahaha

  • the real

    i’m tired of this monkey see monkey do bullshit goin on in hip hop. no ones fuckin original any more. every one copies what the last nigga did. grow the fuck up !!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://xxl 40water619

    Yo , I swear Lil B is a great actor… in a few years he will admit as much. He’ll prolly be like, “I know ya’ll hate me and sh*t… but I was fu*kin’ wit ya’ll. I’m the best actor since DeNiro and ya’ll got fooled while I laughed all the way to the bank.” cause he can’t be serious… can he?

  • Benz

    how are you gonna list collabo albums and not even mention bad meets evil smh

    • T

      Because none of these are real? Hence DREAM duos.

    • jimmyjam

      the album was weak et off ems fucking dick. u dickriders are realy getting pasthetic

  • Sean Izzle

    Im down with Nas and AZ collabo, if not a full album just a few songs on each others albums for Hip Hop’s sake.

    Not down with Young Jeezy and Rick Ross. A Rick Ross and Birdman album wich is already planned is perfect

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