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    No..just no.Thats fucking disrespectful towards EM.
    EM should release a full out attack on Trump just for sayin that bullshit.Lol.
    But seriously,if anything,Wack Miller is the white soulja boy.Im not the biggest EM fan but even i can admit that EM is a fucking beast on the mic and Miller will never reach his level.


    Al I can say is hahahahahaahahahahahahaahahahhhhhahahhahahahahahahahahaahahahahaahah yeah fuckin right. Thanks for the laughs Trump you stay sayin some outlandish shit, how is that presidential bid looking?

  • Jason

    Donald Trump apparently knows nothing about hip hop… as EXPECTED! Obvious Next Eminem is Novi Novak. He already out does Eminem and is half his age


      Umm yeah right.

  • Kingroy

    Sensing some major hating and some dick riding. Amirite?


      Im sensing some major contradiction going on am i right?

  • DumbAssDonaldTrump

    just cuz Em s white? this mac miller is a joke. :’) fuckin clown

  • Hell no!!!!!

    I won’t say Mack can neva reach that level, but Em been thru shit dat made him slim shady, and unless mack lived Em’s life (Impossible), he will neva be the next Em, If you where to say yelawolf i could say maybe, but to say something like mack the new Em! Hip-hop is therapy for people Trump yo therapy is making dumb comments, you don’t speak or understand hip-hop so just stick to understanding money, cus at least u can’t lose with that.


    um, how about Mac Miller will be himself and become a fuckin juggernaut in the game like it or not ya dumb fucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Novi Novak sucks. He cant create his own style of rapping. He cops Wiz Khalifa, Drake, and Eminem styles. Hopsin is the next Eminem. Mac Miller, all I have to say about him is that he is like Chiddy Bang and Wiz Khalifa combined, but all the bad things about them

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