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    There’s absolutely no better way to keep in touch with your favorite rappers and producers than Twitter. This week we get some reaction to the dawning of Jay and Kanye's <em>Watch The Throne</em> as well as 50's philanthropic goal for the next five years, and oh yeah a special shoutout by none other than, Miley Cyrus. The Tweets is Watching… — <em>XXL Staff</em>
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Best of XXL

  • Fuck XXL

    This post is crap.
    There were no good tweets this week.
    There have never been any good tweets. Ever.
    Why does 50 care more about African children than American children?
    Why is Lil B still alive?
    Why does anyone think twitter, Facebook, planking, rioting, ignorance, etc is cool?

    • Fuck You

      the post is crap?
      what defines a good tweet?….
      but wouldn’t that make the best of the bad, good?..
      because the african children seem to die a africa…….
      idk who lil b is…
      because you touch yourself at night..

      • Fuck XXL and FUCK YOU TOO Fuck You!!!!

        Children dying all over the world not just Africa!
        Don’t waste time reading this though.
        You should get back on on twitter and facebook right away or the world might end. It’s that important right! See if you can convince losers and pedophiles to “like” you and don’t forget to post, in 140 characters or less, exactly what you had for breakfast this morning.

    • ROBD916

      lol lil b

    • Laughin in ur face

      Your just hating on Lil B because he is getting money and chicks, he is becoming famouser and famouser everday, I Dont like his musik but its just funny 2 see dumb shits like u hating on people like him cuz ur gettin no where. Get back 2 me when ur done dissin someone whos gettin more shit then u :P

  • Sean Izzle

    Miley Cyrus fine sexy ass! Yeah i like that shit too now we got some in common ;P

  • WillMorebucks

    How ya’ll ain’t got Big Boi’s loveboat tweet on there? Shit was funny as fuck