Top 100 Greatest Soundtrack Songs

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    Top 100 Greatest Soundtrack Songs
    Whether a token track on an eclectic track listing to score a mainstream movie, or part of a cohesive collection of songs setting the mood for an urban flick—some of hip-hop’s finest moments were birthed on soundtracks. It’s historically allowed artists to test singles that later wound up on their album and also served as sort of a breeding ground for upstarts. Cases in point, LL Cool J (“Can’t Live Without My Radio”), Snoop Dogg (“Deep Cover”) and Nas (“Halftime”), were formally introduced on soundtracks before going on to become rap superstars. As Boyz n the Hood, which produced its own memorable soundtrack, celebrates its 20-year anniversary today (July 12), XXL takes a look at the Top 100 Greatest Soundtrack Songs of All Time.—<em>XXL Staff</em>
  • 100. InTooDeep
    100. Ali Vegas “The Specialist” <em>In Too Deep</em> Soundtrack (1999)
  • 99. SoulintheHole-Common
    99. Common “High Expectations,” <em>Soul in the Hole</em> Soundtrack (1997)
  • 98. TheKlumps
    98. Jay-Z “Hey Papi,” <em>The Nutty Professor II: The Klumps</em> Soundtrack (2000)
  • 97. HighSchoolHigh
    97. The Roots “The Good, The Bad and the Desolate,” <em>High School High</em> Soundtrack (1996)
  • 96. Slam-BlackRob
    96. Black Rob “I Dare U,” <em>Slam</em> Soundtrack (1997)
  • 95. HeGotGame
    95. Public Enemy “He Got Game,” He Got Game (1998)
  • 94MeninBlack
    94. De La Soul “Chanel No Fever,” <em>Men In Black</em> Soundtrack (1997)
  • 93. BeavisandButtHead
    93. Beastie Boys “Lookin’ Down the Barrel of a Gun,” <em>Beavis and Butthead Do America</em> Soundtrack (1996)
  • 92. Friday-CypressHill
    92. Cypress Hill “Roll It Up, Smoke It Up, Light It Up” <em>Friday</em> soundtrack (1995)
  • 91. Slam-GoodieMob
    91. Goodie Mob feat. Esthero “The World I Know” <em>Slam</em> Soundtrack (1998)
  • 90. RhymeorReason
    90. Master P “Is There A Heaven 4 A Gangsta?” <em>Rhyme and Reason</em> Soundtrack (1997)
  • 89. NewJerseyDrive-Outkast
    89. OutKast “Benz or Beamer,” <em>New Jersey Drive</em> Soundtrack Vol.1 (1995)
  • 88. NewJerseyDrive
    88. Black Moon & Smif-N-Wessun “Headz Ain’t Ready,” <em>New Jersey Drive</em> Soundtrack Vol.2 (1995)
  • 87. TheWash
    87. Knoc-turn'al feat. Dr. Dre “Bad Intentions,” <em>The Wash</em> Soundtrack (2001)
  • 86.TrainingDay-PharoaheMonch
    86.Pharoahe Monch “Fuck You,” <em>Training Day</em> Soundtrack (2001)
  • 85. Cradle2theGrave
    85. DMX “X Is Gonna Give to Ya,” <em>Cradle to the Grave</em> Soundtrack (2003)
  • 84. BlackGangster
    84. Jay-Z “This Life Forever,” <em>Black Gangster</em> Soundtrack (1999)
  • 83. SoulFood
    83. Outkast and Cee Lo “In Due Time,” <em>Soul Food</em> Soundtrack (1997)
  • 82. SoulintheHole-Xzibit
    82. Xzibit “Los Angeles Times,” <em>Soul in the Hole</em> Soundtrack (1997)
  • 81.Woo
    81. Cam’ron “357,” <em>Woo</em> Soundtrack (1998)
  • 80. Bulworth-BlackEyedPeas
    80. Black Eyed Peas “Joints & Jams,” <em>Bulworth</em> Soundtrack (1998)
  • 79. GetRichorDieTryin
    79. 50 Cent “I’ll Whoop Ya Head,” <em>Get Rich Or Die Tryin’</em> Soundtrack (2005)
  • 78. SpaceJam
    78. B-Real, Method Man, LL Cool J, Coolio & Busta Rhymes “Hit ‘Em High (The Monstars’ Anthem),” <em>Space Jam</em> (1997)
  • 77. HouseofPain
    77. House of Pain “Who’s the Man?,” <em>Who’s the Man?</em> Soundtrack (1993)
  • 76. WhiteMenCantJump-QueenLatifah
    76. Queen Latifah “The Hook” <em>White Men Can’t Jump</em> Soundtrack (1992)
  • 75. ImBoutIt
    75. Young Bleed feat. Master P & C-Loc “How Ya Do That,” <em>I’m Bout It</em> Soundtrack (1997)
  • 74.WildStyle
    74. Double Trouble “Stoop Rap,” <em>Wild Style</em> Soundtrack (1983)
  • 73. WhenwewereKings
    73. The Fugees feat. A Tribe Called Quest, John Forte & Busta Rhymes “Rumble in the Jungle,” <em>When We Were Kings Soundtrack</em> (1996)
  • 72. 8-MileCover
    72. Eminem feat. 50 Cent & Obie Trice “Love Me,” <em>8 Mile</em> Soundtrack (2002)
  • 71. TheNuttyProfessor-TriggerthaGambler
    71. Trigger tha Gambler & Smooth da Hustler feat. DV Alias Christ “My Crew Can’t Go for That,” <em>The Nutty Professor Soundtrack</em> (1996)
  • 70. StreetsisWatching-Jayz
    70. Jay-Z feat. Ja Rule & DMX “Murdergram,” <em>Streets Is Watching</em> Soundtrack (1997)
  • 69. PoeticJustice-MistaGrimm
    69. Mista Grimm feat. Warren G. & Nate Dogg “Indo Smoke,” <em>Poetic Justice</em> Soundtrack (1993)
  • 68. 8-Mile1
    68. Eminem “Rabbit Run,” <em>8 Mile</em> Soundtrack (2002)
  • 67. Bamboozled
    67. Mau Maus “Blak Is Blak,” <em>Bamboozled</em> Soundtrack (2000)
  • 66. Clockers
    66. Crooklyn Dodgers “Return of the Crooklyn Dodgers,” <em>Clockers</em> Soundtrack (1995)
  • 65. Training-Day
    65. M.O.P. feat. Krumb Snatcha “W.O.L.V.E.S.,” <em>Training Day</em> Soundtrack (2001)
  • 64. Idlewild-Outkast
    64. OutKast “The Mighty O,” <em>Idlewild</em> Soundtrack (2006)
  • 63. rapworld
    63. Pete Rock and Large Professor “Rap World” <em>High School High</em> Soundtrack (1996)
  • 62. TheCorrupter
    62. Jay-Z feat. Memphis Bleek and Beanie Sigel “More Money, More Cash, More Hoes,” <em>The Corruptor</em> Soundtrack (1999)
  • 61. WhiteMenCantRap
    61. Main Source “Fakin’ the Funk,” <em>White Men Can’t Rap</em> EP (1992)
  • 60. ImGonnaGitYouSucka
    60. Boogie Down Productions “Jack of Spades,” <em>I’m Gonna Git You Sucka</em> Soundtrack(1988)
  • 59. SoulintheHole-CocoaBrovaz
    59. Coacoa Brovaz "Won on Won," Sole in the Hole Soundtrack (1997)
  • 58. JudgementNight-DeLaSol
    58. De La Soul and Teenage Fan Club “Fallin’,” <em>Judgment Night Soundtrack</em> (1993)
  • 57. Blade
    57. Gang Staff feat. M.O.P. “1/2 & 1/2,” <em>Blade</em> Soundtrack (1998)
  • 56. Backstage-HardKnockLife-Prodigy
    56. Prodigy “Keep It Thoro,” <em>Backstage: A Hard Knock Life</em> (2000)
  • 55. TheGreatWhiteHype
    55. Camp Lo “Coolie High,” <em>The Great White Hype</em> Soundtrack (1997)
  • 54. BadBoysII
    54. Jay-Z “La-La-La,” <em>Bad Boys II Soundtrack</em> (2003)
  • 53. JudgementNight-CypressHill
    53. Cypress Hill and Sonic Youth “I Love You Mary Jane,” <em>Judgment Night</em> Soundtrack (1993)
  • 52. SunsetPark-Ghostface
    51. Ghostface feat. Raekwon “Motherless Child,” <em>Sunset Park Soundtrack</em> (1996)
  • 51. SoulintheHole-WuTangClan
    52. Wu-Tang Clan All-Stars “Soul in the Hole,” <em>Soul in the Hole</em> Soundtrack (1997)
  • 50. Da B Side
    50. The Notorious B.I.G. feat. Da Brat & Jermaine Dupri “Da B Side,” <em>Bad Boys</em> Soundtrack (1995)
    A criminally slept on collaboration from three of the ‘90s’ most prolific figures.
  • 49. MurderwastheCase
    49. Dogg Pound “What Would U Do,” <em>Murder Was the Case</em> Soundtrack (1994)
    Proof that DPG were no bench warmers on Death Row.
  • 48. PoeticJustice-Pac
    48. 2Pac “Definition of a Thug,” <em>Poetic Justice</em> Soundtrack (1992)
    ‘Pac adding layers to a shallow concept.
  • 47.PoeticJustice
    47. Pete Rock & CL Smooth “One In a Million,” <em>Poetic Justice</em> Soundtrack (1992)
    Yet another example of Pete Rock’s superior ear for horn-laced samples.
  • 46. BoyzntheHood
    46. Ice Cube “How to Survive in South Central,” <em>Boyz n the Hood</em> Soundtrack (1991)
    Cube shares rules and regulations to make it in one of the West Coast’s most notorious hoods.
  • 45. TheWood
    45. OutKast feat. Mystikal “Neck Uv Da Woods,” <em>The Wood</em> (1999)
    A forgotten gem pairing up Kast and Mystikal for one of the animated MC’s first post-No Limit releases.
  • 44. BatmanForever-MethodMan
    44. Method Man “The Riddler,”<em>Batman Forever</em> Soundtrack (1995)
    With "How High" barely off the press, Mr. Meth unleashed another soundtrack banger as wicked as the Batman villain it's titled after.
  • 43. wuwearphoto
    43. RZA feat. Capadonna & Method Man “Wu-Wear (The Garment Renaissance)” <em>High School High</em> Soundtrack (1996)
    The Wu reps their apparel line years before clothing lines in hip-hop became mandatory.
  • 42. TheHurricane
    42. Black Star “Little Brother,” <em>The Hurricane</em> Soundtrack (1999)
    The incomparable J Dilla manages to flip the Roy Ayers “Ain’t Got Time” sample that Pete Rock reportedly struggled with years prior.
  • 41. sunsetpark
    41. Ghostface feat. Capadonna & Masta Killa “Winter Wartz,” <em>Sunset Park</em> (1996)
    Cappa gives Ghost and Killa a run for their money with a seemingly never-ending verse.
  • 40. Belly
    40. Sauce Money feat. Jay-Z “Pregame,” <em>Belly</em> Soundtrack (1998)
    Arguably Hov and Sauce Muthafuckin’s illest collabo.
  • 39. idlewild
    39. OutKast feat. Lil Wayne “Hollywood Divorce,” <em>Idlewild</em> Soundtrack (2006)
    Whoever said Southern rappers aren’t lyrical isn’t listening hard enough.
  • 38. SoulintheHole
    38. Big Pun “You Ain’t a Killer,” <em>Soul in the Hole</em> Soundtrack (1997)
    A prelude to things to come on Pun’s <em>Capital Punishment</em>.
  • 37. StreetsIsWatching
    37. Jay-Z feat. Memphis Bleek “It’s Alright,” <em>Streets Is Watching</em> Soundtrack (1998)
    Dame Dash mans the boards for Memph and Hov’s’98 summer anthem.
  • 36. 8-Mile2
    36. Eminem “8 Mile Road,” <em>8 Mile</em> Soundtrack (2002)
    Another ridiculously potent Em record off his semi-autobiographical flick’s score.
  • 35. NothingButTrouble
    35. Digital Underground feat. 2Pac “Same Song,” <em>Nuthing But Trouble</em> Soundtrack (1990)
    ‘Pac’s introduction to the world via this Digital classic.
  • 34. CB$
    34. KRS-One “Black Cop,” <em>CB4</em> Soundtrack (1993)
    The Blastmaster addressing the issue head-on.
  • 33. KrushGroove-LLCoolJ
    33. LL Cool J “Going Back to Cali,” <em>Less Than Zero</em> Soundtrack (1987)
    A tune ill enough for Biggie Smalls to remake.
  • 32. StreetFighter
    32. Nas “One on One,” <em>Street Fighter</em> Soundtrack (1994)
    One the hardest smooth joints you’ll ever hear courtesy of Nasty Nas.
  • 31. Panther
    31. The Notorious B.I.G., Coolio, Redman, Coolio, Ill Al Skratch, Big Mike, N9ne, Bone Thug-n-Harmony, Buckshot & Busta Rhymes “The Points,” <em>Panther</em> Soundtrack (1995)
    A ridiculously star-studded posse cut. Biggie, Red, Bone and Bus on the same track. Nuff said!
  • 30. Sprung
    30. Jay-Z “Who You With,” <em>Sprung</em> Soundtrack (1997)
    Jigga Man’s cocky wit at its finest.
  • 29. AbovetheRim-LadyofRage
    29. Lady of Rage “Afro Puffs,” <em>Above the Rim</em> Soundtrack (1994)
    Death Row’s First Lady takes center stage.
  • 28. Hustle&Flow
    28. DJay feat. Shug “It’s Hard Out Here for a Pimp,” <em>Hustle & Flow</em> Soundtrack (2005)
    Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson delivery the goods on this Three Six Mafia-penned Oscar-winning single.
  • 27. NewJackCity
    27. Ice-T “New Jack Hustler,” <em>New Jack City</em> Soundtrack (1991)
    What Nino Brown would sound like if he could rap.
  • 26. KrushGroove
    26. LL Cool J “Can’t Live Without My Radio,” <em>Krush Groove</em> Soundtrack (1985)
    Uncle L drops his first single and a star is born.
  • 25. Friday
    25. Dr. Dre “Keep Your Heads Ringin’,” Friday Soundtrack (1995)
    A heater to hold Dre fans down during his Aftermath transition.
  • 24. DangerousMinds
    24. Coolio “Gangsta’s Paradise,” <em>Dangerous Minds</em> Soundtrack (1995)
    Coolio skyrocketed to No.1 off a Stevie Wonder “Pastime Paradise” loop.
  • 23. Backstage-HardKnockLife
    23. Jay-Z and Mya “Best of Me Pt.2,” <em>Backstage: A Hard Knock Life</em> Soundtrack (2000)
    Hov flaunts keeps it lyrical with an effortless flow over Trackmasters production.
  • 22. Bulworth
    22. Pras feat. Mya & Old Dirty Bastard “Ghetto Supastar (That Is What You Are),” <em>Bulworth</em> Soundtrack (1998)
    Pras becomes the third Fugee to find solo success with this smash hit.
  • 21. JudgementNight
    21. Onyx and Biohazard “Judgment Night,” <em>Judgment Night</em> Soundtrack (1993)
    The epitome of what a perfect rock and rap marriage should sound like.
  • 20. MenaceIISociety
    20. MC Eiht “Streiht Up Menace,” <em>Menace II Society</em> Soundtrack (1993)
    This Compton MC’s in-depth portrayal of life on the West Coast made the rest of the nation take notice.
  • 19. Boomerang
    19. A Tribe Called Quest “Hot Sex,” <em>Boomerang</em> Soundtrack (1992)
    The lone rap track on an R&B soundtrack, “Hot Sex” stood out amongst classics. The song was later sampled by Heltah Skeltah and Mary J. Blige and ended up as a bonus track on Tribe’s last LP, <em>The Love Movement.</em>
  • 18. MorethanaGame
    18. Drake feat. Lil Wayne, Eminem & Kanye West “Forever,” <em>More Than a Game</em> (2009)
    Still a rookie at the time, Drizzy Drake managed to tap three of the game's biggest stars for this monstrous posse cut off of Lebron's documentary.
  • 17. TheNuttyProfessor
    17. Jay-Z feat. Foxy Brown “Ain’t No Nigga,” <em>The Nutty Professor</em> Sountrack (1996)
    “Can I Get A...” put Jay in another stratosphere, but “Ain’t No Nigga” got the mainstream to finally noticed. The single also appeared on Hov’s <em>Reasonable Doubt</em> and helped the LP earn a gold plaque at the time.
  • 16. Juice-BigDaddyKane
    16. Big Daddy Kane “Nuff Respect Due,”<em> Juice</em> Soundtrack (1991)
    Following back-to-back duds (<em>Taste of Chocolate</em>, <em>Prince of Darkness</em>) Kane silenced talk that he’d fallen off with this heater.
  • 15. NothingtoLoose
    15. Lil’ Kim feat. Da Brat, Missy Elliot, Angie Martinez & Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes “Not Tonight,” <em>Nothin’ to Lose</em> Soundtrack (1997)
    This posse cut proved that the strength in numbers adage applied to the ladies as well.
  • 14. RushHour2
    14. Ludacris feat. Nate Dogg “Area Codes,” <em>Rush Hour 2</em> Soundtrack (2001)
    An international player anthem, this Jazze Pha-produced single found the ATL-ien showing off his never-ending stable.
  • 13. Mo'BetterBlues
    13. Gang Starr “Jazz Thing,” <em>Mo’ Better Blues</em> Soundtrack (1990)
    One of the earlier examples of jazz and hip-hop fusion, this single helped pioneer a sub-genre still prevalent in hip-hop today.
  • Crooklyn
    12. Crooklyn Dodgers “Crooklyn,” <em>Crooklyn</em> Soundtrack (1994)
    Backed by Q-Tip production (who is ironically from Queens), these crazy ass Crooklyn kids (Buckshot, O.C., Masta Ace) made their borough proud with this BK anthem.
  • 11. RushHour
    11. Jay-Z feat. Ja Rule & Amil “Can I Get A…,” <em>Rush Hour</em> Soundtrack (1998)
    Released in conjunction with Hov’s “Hard Knock Life,” this bubbly club banger helped make Jay into a superstar and set Rule up to launch his own multi-platinum career.
  • 10. Juice-NaughtybyNature
    10. Naughty By Nature “Uptown Anthem,” <em>Juice</em> Soundtrack (1991)
    This Naughty gem may not have charted as high as the group’s other hits (“O.P.P,” “Hip-Hop Hooray”), but it stands as one of the group’s most memorable anthems.
  • 9. ZebraHead
    9. Nas "Halftime," <em>Zebrahead</em> Soundtrack (1992)
    On the heels of two scene-stealing guest appearances on Main Source's "Live At the Baarbecue" and MC Search's "Back to the Grill," Nas made his solo debut on this Large Professor-produced bass-heavy single. The track proved the Queensbridge prodigy had enough star power to carry his own load and served as prelude of legendary things to come.
  • 8. LessthanZero
    8. Public Enemy “Bring the Noise,” <em>Less Than Zero</em> Soundtrack (1987)
    Few songs embodied PE’s penchant for conveying messages through chaotic soundbeds more than this Less Than Zero Soundtrack standout. The cut appeared on PE’s epic <em>It Takes a Nation of Million to Hold Us Back</em> the following year and was covered by rock group Anthrax in 1991.
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  • 7. Juice
    7. Eric B. & Rakim “Juice (Know the Ledge),” <em>Juice</em> Soundtrack (1991)
    The title track to Ernest R. Dickerson’s epic flick, this bass-heavy single served as the perfect backdrop for the thriller. The song later appeared on Eric B. & Rakim’s Don’t <em>Sweat the Technique</em>.
  • 6. WhosetheMan
    6. The Notorious B.I.G. "Party and Bullshit," <em>Who's the Man?</em> Soundtrack (1993)
  • 5.AbovetheRim
    5. Warren G feat. Nate Dogg “Regulate,“ <em>Above the Rim</em> Soundtrack (1994)
    This blockbuster single kept the lights on for various labels in the early ‘90s. Initially released on Death Row as part of the <em>Above the Rim</em> Soundtrack, the smash hit added to the notorious imprint’s legacy and later served as the lead single for Warren’s triple platinum <em>Regulate… G Funk Era</em> on Def Jam.
  • 4. TheShow
    4. Method Man and Redman “How High,” <em>The Show: The Soundtrack</em> (1995)
    N.W who? Dre's first order of business after leaving the world's most dangerous group, “Deep Cover” kick-started (though released on SOLAR Records)Death Row Records' dominating run and introduced rap's next superstar: Snoop Doggy Dogg.
  • 3. DeepCover
    3. Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg “Deep Cover,” <em>Deep Cover</em> Soundtrack (1992)
    N.W who? Dre's first order of business after leaving the world's most dangerous group, “Deep Cover” kick-started (though released on SOLAR Records)Death Row Records' dominating run and introduced rap's next superstar: Snoop Doggy Dogg.
  • DotheRightThing
    2. Public Enemy “Fight the Power,” Do the Right Thing Soundtrack (1989
    Chances are Mookie had Public Enemy in mind when he picked up a garbage can and threw it through the window of Sal’s Famous Pizzeria as a protest of Radio Raheem’s death. The track not only banged, it demanded a call to action. Rosie Perez’s opening dance number in the movie also made the track that much more memorable.
  • 1. 8-mile
    1. Eminem "Lose Yourself," <em>8 Mile</em> Soundtrack (2002)
    Perhaps no soundtrack song has balanced critical acclaim and commercial success better than Eminem's "Lose Yourself." The first single off Slim's semiautobiographical picture <em>8 Mile</em>, it peaked at No.1 on the Billboard Hot 100, pushed the soundtrack to a double platinum plaque and won an Oscar for Best Music, Original Song.
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  • Hannibal

    another platform to give Eminem a #1 spot. fuck this list

    • Derpity

      That’s not for no reason. He’s a MU FUCKIN G.O.A.T.

  • leo

    Really?? No Grand Finale?? DMX, Nas, Method Man?? ya suck…

  • KAYDAH51


  • Bobby

    “What’s On Your Mind” – Eric B. and Rakim (House Party II soundtrack). Rakim at his smoothest

  • Alex509

    Bone Thugs N Harmony – Dayz of our livez from Set It Off!!! Why is that not on here!!!





  • dacoz

    @hannibal fuck u “lose yourself is a grammy award winning song u fuckin retard

    • Will Morebucks

      How the fuck you got Benz or Beamer #89
      Credibility Lost…

    • Mack

      who gives a fuck about a goddamn grammy. This is hip hop clown.

  • PHR3SH


  • canadafan

    what about ice ts colors classic joint

  • Ev E

    12. Crooklyn Dodgers – wasn’t OC it was Special ED!!!!


    I half agree with this list, there is a lot of heat and proper numbering for some of the greats, but yeah I agree with the people above me, no pain or colors or murder was the case? Those easily would and should push out the lesser named artists songs that are garbage on this list. With all the 90′s talk you also left out facemob and spice 1 off born 2 die and the clicks hot ones echo through the ghetto off of the tales from the hood soundtrack those songs where nuts, just those three songs where worth havin the album for.


    My bad the song facemobs in the house, spice 1′s born 2 die and hot ones echo through the ghetto were all on tales from the hood is what i was tryin to say.Oh and Im a big fan of Eminem but Rabbit run was a weak song, Stimulate one of ems best songs Wanksta and rap game should have been on here from the 8 mile sndtrk

  • Murda

    PAIN was not on the Above the Rim Soundtrack. It was in the movie but not on the soundtrack.

    Loose yourself??? Really. I see XXL is some D@!$ Riders. I can name 90 songs up there better than that BullS##$^

    • Truth

      Uh… yes it was. I have the soundtrack and it’s definitely on there. See people, this is what happens when you get your info from Wikipedia.

  • 3mason

    #1 Coolio – gangster paradise
    #2 warren g ft Nate dogg – regulate
    #3 Eminem lose yourself..


    @Murda, Pain and Loyal to the Game were on the cassette versions of the soundtrack as bonus songs. And Yeah they justified Lose Yourself as the number 1 song. I can agree with that for their reasons, even though I love the song myself I think there have been far better songs from soundtracks. Colors should be the number one, it isnt even on the list. It defined songs for soundtracks.

  • gvg

    number 18..really? “forever” by Drake?….SMFH…XXL Please fire you staff and hire me..i know a few ppl that can post some real shit on here..

  • southcakc23

    list is horrible. hell, most of xxl’s lists are horrible. it’s like the voter’s are 19 and have zero knowledge of hip hop and only mention some of the classics in failed attempts to secure any level of credibility. benz or beamer’s at #89??????????? C’MON SON! Ain’t nothin Outkast has ever done worthy of a #89 vote!

  • TheGoldenEra

    SMH at Eminem being #1
    Doesnt surprise me one bit

  • El B

    Days of Our Livez – Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, Set It Off…come one, yall slippin’

  • Dick B

    Crooklyn Dodgers at #66? Anyway this list is a joke, as all Magazine lists are.

  • Lord Maximus

    Pain by 2pac is definitely one of his best songs as well, definitely a top 10 or 15 track.

  • Knuckz

    The Crooklyn Dodgers were Masta Ace, Buckshot and Special Ed , but they have O.C. Woooooowww!!

  • Sean Izzle

    What about Raekwon Feat. Ghostface Killah – Heaven & Hell from Fresh (1994)


    Best hood movie ya hear me

  • Volvo XC70

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  • Army CPOL

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  • Benign Tumor

    certainly like your website but you have to check the spelling on quite a few of your posts. Many of them are rife with spelling issues and I find it very troublesome to tell the truth nevertheless I will certainly come back again.

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