Q-Tip and Friends

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  • ethan502

    thats that truck driver swagg…they rockin the cutoff shirts and Yeezy with the snake skin snapback…ILL

  • Smokey Rebelz

    Seriously, these people need to retire!!! they’re too old for that !sht….

  • smokeyrebelzisafool

    q-tip been hitting the gym or what

  • D

    Smokey Rebelz….these dudes aint goin nowhere homie, Yall new niggaz need QTip, Bussa Bus, Black Thought to show your Waka’s ,gucci’s,roscoe, soujah boy ass motherfuckers how to put on a REAL AUTHENTIC hiphop show! You reallly gonna be mad when old ass NAS drops more knowledge for that ass. The door is open for old school cats to keep doin they thing, it’s 2011 not 1988 when a rappers ‘lifespan’ was shorter than a NFL running back! Educate yourself

  • D

    BTW….who outta this group needs to retire QTip? The Renaissance was the best album of 08-09′(grammy nominated) Kanye, we know what he’s doin. Black Thought? Dudes on national TV everynight, be it a wack show but still gathering a new fanbase. And finally Busta Rhymes a 39yr old washed up rapper who’s killed EVERY track he’s touched the last year and a half!! These cats are still in demand homie, like it or not. Big ups to Reks, ReekDa Villain, Jon Conner and new cats like that . They like throwback 90′s mc’s we need that. Fuck todys hipPOP!

  • jay