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  • Sha

    Hmmmm….. I kinda feel the same way about Consequence. And it’s strictly 100 right here….. To me, Cons f*cked up A Tribe Called Quest’s album. That’s my opinion. Cats will disagree but that’s how I feel.


    To me I could never get past his overbite-delivery. It was sooo off to me. And it’s not knocking him on some physical-attribute type stuff. But he was never on my radar.

    Now when he started hittin’ it with Kanye, that’s when I tried to give him a listen. It was strictly from his Kanye affiliation and the production Kanye did for him that made everyone take a listen. Regardless of what Consequence says, it’s the truth. Lyrically, he was always sub-par. I never went out and bought his album.

    But this beef is interesting. Only in that he’s calling out some heavy weights. But if Kanye and Pusha never respond, it’s completely what the world expects because Consequence never truly stood alone as a man. He didn’t build his own career. He rode other people’s coat tails.

  • james


    Cons and most of the other cats that surrounded Kanye wrote the majority of his raps.

    Cons awhile back said he had no hard feelings with Kanye and that he knew some stuff but he wasn’t gonna let the cat out of the bag b/c that was his dude. I guess Mr. West never paid him some owed or talked about loot, and now he’s gonna tell it as it is.

    I remember when Kanye’s first album was up for a million Grammy’s, and then it was cut down to less than half. Reason being was that he didn’t write all of his material. That was back then and he’s still doing it.

    He’s a smart cat and puts a lot of other smart cats around him that can help structure good songs/music. But please don’t think he’s coming up with all of that shit on his own.

    Cons wrote a ton of raps for Kanye and if they didn’t have a signed contract then he can call him out.

    MJ didn’t write his own music, and nobody cared. Nobody will care now with his. Except for the fact that Kanye is that good of a rapper/writer. Just a good performer.

  • Hank Hill

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