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  • Sha

    On some real ish? Killer Mike is an intelligent cat. Much props. That stuff he was spittin’ about Broke-assed white cats supporting rich politicians was dead on.

    And with that…..

    @XXL…. “Killer Mike Speaks on Outkast Reunion”

    Really???? He spoke about it????

    Whoever set up this story should be fired. He didn’t give any insight into whether or not the rumor was true. Matter of fact, he even said he heard the same rumor!!! How is he speaking on it. Hell, I heard there are aliens on other planets. Run that story!

    XXL, this story was lame. Step up!

    • joe

      he said 3 stacks was back rapping do dunno what this guy below is on about!

  • southcakc23

    why is this a lame story? KILLER MIKE IS PART OF THE STORY!

    Whomever set up this story is outstanding and should get a damn raise!


  • eastpoint21

    listening to this makes me think why is Killer Mike not working as professor or runnig as mayor of Atlanta, he’s real intelligent individual