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  • Trakstar

    This dude always speaking some real shit about the music biz.

  • Donte

    yep cant say nothing but this nigga is right

  • kevin swing


    GA 11.2.10

    Press Release) – july 10 , 2011 – HOGTYED R.O.C. Gang Entertainment New Project Swag Rock
    Feb 6, 2011- JMD Distribution/INgrooves/Universal Music Group. INgroves is a leading provider of digital distribution, marketing and promotion services to the global music & video community via its ONE Digital platform, (INgroves) and Universal Music Group. JMDRecords will announced that they will deliver the Hogtyed: Swag/Rock music project to their broad network of retailers internationally, and this is the first time in the group’s history that most of Hogtyed titles will be available for digital sale outside of North America. JMD Distribution/INgrooves a Partner Of Universal Music Group will provide Hogtyed a worldwide network of retail options, so consumers everywhere have access to Hogtyed’s music. JMD Distribution/INgroves/Universal Music Group. The Marketing company INgrooves is a digital media infrastructure company that provides various distribution and marketing services via its INgrooves and ONE Digital divisions. ONE Digital is a proprietary software platform that provides distribution and administration to large distributors, record labels and film production companies. INgrooves provides clients customized distribution, marketing, promotion, synch licensing and administrative support to help maximize the earnings potential of specific releases or catalogues.

  • mike

    Great analogy the way he explained it, but graff hasn’t changed or gotten easier to start like music has. You still gotta rack your paint, but now those stores have twice the security, the legal penalties are twice as harsh for writing, and since the subway era is over now you gotta be out on the streets all fuckin night. And you know there’s nothin easy about that; find yourself on the wrong block and you’re fucked, plus the cops could roll by at any time. Toys and stupid kids still get rolled for paint, beaten for heating up a yard or beefing with established writers etc. It’s changed but it’s not really any easier. I’d say it’s similar with music; there’s the changes he mentions, but the internet makes shit more competitive. Now everyone’s got a youtube, facebook etc. and it’s still just as hard to get people’s attention.

  • Alex

    all i hear is bla bla bla bla bla..fuck these old school niggas.

    • M.I.S.C

      that’s a shame, because i’m pretty sure what he was saying spoke for your generation. check your arrogance, and recognize game when it’s in your face.

  • suplex

    Funny how the real articles only get 5 or 6 comments

  • thoms3

    wish I could hear more…