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  • CW of SplashJOY

    I think this has disaster all over it. These projects never go well.

    • dmxej

      *yawn* These projects never go well because they never see the light of day. How many joint albums have we been promised that actually hit stores over the past 10 years? I wish the lox would just concentrate on their album thats long overdue and solo albums from Kiss and P would be nice. Otherwise, miss me with this type of shit.

  • boss 7

    this jawn gonna flop . i promise it wont even go gold

  • O.Skino

    who gives a sh*t if it doesn’t sell or go gold… how about a real dope rap album back in the Streets… if u heard Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2 you would’a heard the joint they collaborated on, and it was SICK!! It’s faggots like yall talkin bout record sales that’s ruining this rap game!!!

    KRS! “Now quote this, MC’s are just hopeless
    Thinkin record sales make them the dopest”

  • Jokes

    How about u focus on finishin that LOX album u been promisin for the past 4 years. This always happens, rappers get too much on their plate and nothin ever drops

  • Realist 2.0

    all these kids worried about record sales while they’re broke as hell. focus on the music fags.

  • rossta

    He Said Its Free Dumbfucks