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  • jfl11

    I’m straight up sick of these artists dropping mixtapes that get tired after 1 listen… guys dropping his 3rd mixtape without an album fuck outta here with that. When did we start using “potential” to describe artists like they NBA players or something.

    • Kyd Chyllen

      STFU, J Cole would of been had his album out if it wasn’t for that fucking faggot ass nigga Jay-Z .. He’s just trying to keep his fans right now. Cole World was supposed to come out in the begginning of the summer and now it’s coming out in September. What kind of fucked up shit is that ? Jay-Z never wants anyone to succeed, remember that.

      • Knowledgable fan/Cole World

        That why Jay-Z is going to be a feature on the album right ,Jay gives an artist the freedom and control to do whatever you want as an artist and that’s good enough on its own. Jay did it himself and he expects u 2. Depending on the type of artist u are thats good or bad. Cole is extremely hard working and he said he prefers this. He said he didnt even want to tour so much so he could be in the studio more but as artistr you need to tour that why Jay-Z had him on his own tour bp3, Drake Tour, Rihanna Tour currently and soon Tinie Tempah. Most labels dont give you that at all so as far as Cole and Jay this is a great relationship. There has been no mention at all that Cole is thinking about going anywhere else because he regards Jay so highly.

      • Cole World

        That his artist why would he not want J. Cole to succeed .

    • Keanu Cordero

      Lay off the drugs kid.

      • cee Rock


    • Notorious

      I wouldn’t say that Jay-z doesn’t want anyone to succeed because he wanted to build anticipation which is a brilliant business move. But I def understand the aggravation with being a fan, but this is a business so its all about $$$$$$$$$$

    • jfl11

      My point is mixtapes are pointless if you’re just pumping them out every couple of months

      • zherow

        The Come Up- Mid 2007
        The Warm Up- June 2009
        Friday Night Lights- November 2010

        A couple of months? These are not. This would be his forth mixtape, and seeing as how his mixtapes still pull in high numbers and are critically acclaimed, I highly doubt that the general populous is getting tired of his tapes any time soon

        • jfl11

          He doesn’t need to clutter his catalog with another soon to be forgotten tape if his album is supposedly coming out in September… he has plenty of fans that will come out and get the album regardless. I’m just getting tired of mixtapes in general… hardly any of them are genuine and mean anything.

          • Aboogie

            What mixtapes do you listen to?? All three of his are great quality, and honestly ‘The Warm-Up’ is probably better than most dudes albums. I think you need to start listening to something other than what you’ve been listening to if you think mixtapes aren’t genuine.

          • Tru Talk


          • Cole World

            What are you talking about a mixtape is what made him in the first place and help him get discover. That how he started out, now that he has even more fans he has put out more materials before the album come outs, Big Sean was going to do the same but he did not release his 4th mixtape yet. The mixtape is going to help build fan base and give the people something to listen to in meantime and it going to show why they should buy the album. Look at Wiz Khalifa has put out 9 mixtape before rolling papers and he going to go Gold.Lloyd Banks put out 5 mixtapes during the time between Rotten Apple and H.F.M. 2 (Hunger for More 2). Tyga has put out 11 mixtapes and going to put out another one before he come out with his album.Look at Wale More About Nothing mixtape the received 100,000 downloads in the first 90 minutes. J. Cole mixtape Friday Night Lights became the second most searched and trending topics on Google and Twitter respectively following its release.AllHipHop gave the mixtape a rare classic rating of 10/10 so that show something. Mixtapes help build fan bases and make people go out and buy the album.

  • Carl Willis

    As long as he got a release date he can drop as many mixtapes as he wants. Remind you his last 2 mixtapes were classics. I see nothing wrong w/ this to build momentum.

    • Cole World

      THANK YOU!

  • Trent

    J. Cole need to clean up them brows..