Hip-Hop Loves Planking: Complete List of Rappers’ Best Planks

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    XXL Staff planking...
    Planking has somehow gotten bigger over the 4th of July weekend. As previously reported, rappers like Joe Budden, Slim Thug and Big Sean (even the <em>XXL</em> staff) have taken part in the planking craze. But there's apparently many more. Russell Simmons, Bun B, Trina and Wiz Khalifa, just to name a few, have also been planking away. <em>XXL</em> compiled a list of all rappers who have planked to date. We'll be keeping this gallery up to date as new plankers are revealed, so do share planking sightings with us as they surface.— <em>XXL Staff</em>
  • Wiz
    Wiz Khalifa
  • wizplank3
    Yet another Wiz plank.
  • wizplank2
    Another angle of Wiz's plank.
  • Trina
  • Yelawolf_Plank
  • SlimThug
    Slim Thug
  • pill_plank
  • russellsimmonsplank
    Russell Simmons
  • plank-diamond-copy
  • tumblr_lnivctCQWm1qcr6oko1_500
    Terrence and Rocsi.
  • #LeToya-Luckett-Planking
  • joe-budden-planking
    Joe Budden's been planking everywhere.
  • joe-budden-plank
    More planking from Jump Off.
  • glassesMalone
    Glasses Malone
  • Flava-Flav-planks
    Flavor Flav
  • #eclectric-plank-miguel-62811
  • diplo-plank
  • DiggySimmons
    Diggy Simmons and Justin Bieber.
  • #chris-brown-planking
  • Cease
    Lil Cease
  • BunB
    Bun B
  • bigboi
    Big Boi
  • 2-the-game
  • 2-nick-cannon
    Nick Cannon
  • nick-cannon-plank
    Nick Cannon again.
  • 2-big-sean
    Big Sean and Va$htie Kola planking.

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  • CHIboi

    russell was tryna be on some stuntin shit

  • jimmmyjam

    this is so effing stupid. planking is not funny it looks ridiculous and just shows how easy bandwagons are started.

  • Baa Baa Black Sheep…

    This shows how stupid people are. Why are they doing it? Do they even know why? I won’t buy music from any so called artist that goes to such great lengths to display and record their moments of complete stupidity. Who in the world thinks that this is actually cool, funny or clever.
    Shame on these artists.
    Shame on XXL for promoting this.
    Dont know what’s going on in the world. Shit is crazy. It’s gonna get worse too. Crazy shit people. Crazy shit.
    This ain’t hip hop either knuckleheads.

    • mac

      man fareal i miss wen rappers had edge now look at em trend hoppin homo’s

  • jimmmyjam

    aha yelawolf isnt planking hes lying in the middle of the rod theres a difference.

  • fuckyall

    you nodis besides bun all them fools are trash lol

  • Disappointed with Rocsi.

    Rocsi should get used to being in that position. Fuck that brainless bimbo. Thought she was better than that. Thought she was a strong independent woman repping for all the girls. But no. She just gives in to peer pressure. Goes along with what others are telling her she has to do to fit in. Rocsi can kiss my ass. That’s the new new new cool bandwagon that you gotta be on. Actually physically putting your lips to someone else’s ass cheeks. Don’t forget to take a picture or film it and of course brainlessly upload it to any unSocial networking site. Oh and fuck you to wiz Khalifa. His music sucks big time and why anyone would choose that name in this day and age is beyond me. Words have meaning and he should learn the real meaning of his chosen moniker. Fuck you to big boi too. He could be making another classic outkast joint instead of this bs.
    Last but not least. A very big Fuck You to everyone reading this that has ever planked or thinks planking is cool.

    • 404Monster


    • LG

      damn someone doesn’t have any friends I can tell

    • MM

      Lmfaoo, why you madd though? All up in your feelings over a silly ass picture. Youve got some serious internal issues doe.

  • nunya

    Uh….what the fuck is this? Is this like a joke or something?

  • 3xanon

    Snoopy orginated this shit ages ago, and I ain’t talking the guy who smoked weed alot

  • duh

    coneing is the new planking

  • Free Speech

    ‘cant plank, my big dick gets in the way. Only time I manage to get anywhere near planking is when I missionary on my neighbour’s daughter…..even then, I’m in constant motion, so it doesn’t really count as planking. You guys with small dicks finally got one over me

    • rILES

      What the fuck?! LMAO!!!!

  • Candee

    This is the stupidest thing ever! It’s been and FINALLY gone in Australia, good riddance!

  • a2z

    This started in Australia…. And even we think it’s a waste of time!!!! Can’t believe this joke went so far….

  • Infamous

    Rocsi should come plank on this dick.

  • Shooter

    I’m about to plank your bitch.

  • http://xxl 40water619

    i think this shit is funny… all you ppl that are hating are just that, hating. lighten up, shit is mad funny. and that girl in the xxl staff photo(ya’ll know which one)… got ass like whoa…and some nice legs too. just sayin’. lol

    • john

      giggdity muthafuckan goo

    • corn flakes 718

      You think it’s funny?
      What’s funny about it?
      I feel sorry for your natural parents.

  • http://youtube.com/TheEMCEELovin emceelovin

    lil ceases looks tite like hes flying or something… makes me kinda wanna find a mailbox and try it… just dont know where i could find one…

  • MindState

    This planking shit.. Is so. fucking. stupid. Somebody hurry up and invent a fad that’s actually cool you know..

  • jc st. ides

    Wiz ain’t planking—he found out how many industry dudes plowed wifey and rigor mortis is setting in.

    Free Speech—shout out, keep planking the neighbor.

  • Bob

    geez you guys need to calm down.. it’s just a fun trend. and it’s hilarious seeing these rappers do it. lighten up!

  • http://xxlmag.com central cali boy

    how did this shit start? is it supposed to be funny?

  • Eminem

    to answer everyone complaining, WHO GIVES A FUCK. its funny. Yela and Joe Budden keep proving Shady is the best