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Gucci Mane's Self-Help Guide to Stay Out of Prison


Gucci Mane Leflah has been in and out of Georgia's judicial system since 2005. Between charges for a probation violation in '08 (stemming from an aggravated assault in '05 ), multiple traffic violations in '10 and now battery for pushing a woman out of a moving car for rejecting his sexual advances just three months ago (April 11), the Atlanta trap star hasn't been free for more than six months at a time. But since being released on July 8, the Brick Squad leader is finally getting a fifth chance to get it together.

Guch has put his new found freedom to use in the studio, banging out hits, but the question is for how long? Ironically, Mr. Leflah has already put together a self-help guide to stay out of prison, now he just needs to follow it. Can’t be a “Dope Boy” forever.

1. Become a “Grown [Ass] Man” and stop being such a “Party Animal.” It’s “Gucci Time!”


2. Stop getting so “Wasted,” because you’re just starting to look like a “Weirdo.”


3. “Sipping on purple stuff, rollin’ up stanky.” It’s illegal. Stop.

Gucci Mane-360-3

4. You can keep having “Sex in Crazy Places,” but you can’t throw girls out of cars to get it.


4. “Lemonade diamond bracelets” don’t held up well in prison.


6. “Believe It Or Not,” your career might still have a chance.


7. You were so close to the “Spotlight” before well, you know.


8. “Cocaine,” gets you less time #justsayin


9. The “Haterade” is never going away, so control yourself when it comes up otherwise you’ll stay running from the “Gingerbread Man.”


10. “I got a lot of problems … I’m so fucking dumb.” The first step to recovery is acceptance.