Gucci’s Self-Help Guide to Stay Out of Jail

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    Gucci Mane's Self-Help Guide to Stay Out of Prison
    Gucci Mane Leflah has been in and out of Georgia's judicial system since 2005. Between charges for a probation violation in '08 (stemming from an aggravated assault in '05 ), multiple traffic violations in '10 and now battery for pushing a woman out of a moving car for rejecting his sexual advances just three months ago (April 11), the Atlanta trap star hasn't been free for more than six months at a time. But since being released on July 8, the Brick Squad leader is finally getting a fifth chance to get it together.<br /><br />Guch has put his new found freedom to use in the studio, banging out hits, but the question is for how long? Ironically, Mr. Leflah has already put together a self-help guide to stay out of prison, now he just needs to follow it. Can’t be a “Dope Boy” forever.
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    1. Become a “Grown [Ass] Man” and stop being such a “Party Animal.” It’s “Gucci Time!”
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    2. Stop getting so “Wasted,” because you’re just starting to look like a “Weirdo.”
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    3. “Sipping on purple stuff, rollin’ up stanky.” It’s illegal. Stop.
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    4. You can keep having “Sex in Crazy Places,” but you can’t throw girls out of cars to get it.
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    4. “Lemonade diamond bracelets” don’t held up well in prison.
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    6. “Believe It Or Not,” your career might still have a chance.
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    7. You were so close to the “Spotlight” before well, you know.
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    8. “Cocaine,” gets you less time #justsayin
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    9. The “Haterade” is never going away, so control yourself when it comes up otherwise you’ll stay running from the “Gingerbread Man.”
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    10. “I got a lot of problems … I’m so fucking dumb.” The first step to recovery is acceptance.

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