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  • thisishot


  • Isa of SplashJOY

    Not feeling it

  • wdre

    copying jay z

    • No Name

      In a strange way, I think that’s part of the point.

  • drakkardnoir

    Tried to hard for the pose,
    Looks like an ad; what do if you get caught-
    Picking your big fat nose.
    It’s all fun and jokes, shout outs to you and yours
    Red album, red cover, read the production notes,
    Didn’t Hov already try to do this one before
    No. No. My mistake, his was all black everything.
    Spotlights and can’t see a thing, faded off of fame
    Sellout or sell out, depending on how you play the Game.

  • p

    haha all the wait for that. yo B step your shit up. sutt sutt………. COB ….. slaughterhouse! REAL hiphop!

  • No Name

    I’m surprised it’s not him sitting on something, lol.

  • the

    covering 1 eye, how original

  • biged

    everbody thats talkin shit and dont like it u should get together and drop an album of hate. lets c how good it is. thats all these comments are anymore. hate hate hate i feel like im at the player haters ball.” i dont even kno ya and i hate ya guts”

  • mutada mullah atari

    I hate this phrase with a passion but….. do your research *shudders*, Camel is not the first to name and album a color… Lets see, Prince, the Beatles and countless others.

  • Flamur Kaqiu

    Im big Game’s fan but i dont like this cover not cuz ain’t look nice but maybe is influence from fuckin’ illuminati!
    Really sometimes is hard to understand Game!
    I hope Game to change it and to make any one better and simple!!!

  • tha TRUTH

    Dope album cover, Dope album, dope rapper…WESTSIDEEEE