Fans Vote: What Do You Think of Lil Wayne’s Sorry 4 the Wait Mixtape? [Poll Results]

We asked fans how they felt about the recently-released Lil Wayne mixape, Sorry 4 the Wait, and they’ve cast their votes! Check out the results below:

Check back next Tuesday for XXL‘s latest poll!

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  • Andre 4000

    There are people who actually like this garbage ?

    • alexis


  • RapMusic

    I like Wayne but this was….bad.Probably done by free will so next Carter album will seem better than it really is.

  • RealNigga

    This Mixtape Is Trash……It’s free & I didn’t even consider downloading it…….It’s actually worst than No Ceilings which I didn’t think was possible…….I actually was once a huge fan of wayne……..dude is just a waste of talent because he could truly be better than he actually is……sad to see, and most importantly……sad to HEAR……I rather listen to Nicki & Drake than his ass

    • mav

      you call yoself real nigga but just said youd rather listen to nicki? sorry but that shit gets no play in real niggas rides…

  • Pro

    Well its a good job i an’t hanging out with ‘real niggas’ in their ‘rides’ as i listen to whatever i want. I think the guy was saying he would ‘rather’ listen to Minaj, not necessarily that h ‘would’ listen to her. In other words Wayne is shyte!!