Fans Vote: Are You Excited About Watch the Throne? [Poll Results]

We polled XXL readers and asked if they were excited now that Jay-Z and Kanye West’s Watch the Throne album got yet another release date, and they voted. Read the results below.

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  • Chit-Chat

    Ahahaha the fuck gives a fuck bout this wack album?

    Hova, retire already! Congrats, Reasonable Doubt was top 5 album D.O.A but since then you ain’t been nothing but bullshit. Nas ended your music career, like 50 you should keep yourself to business.

    And isn’t it ironic mr Death of Autotune is making an album of the prince of auto tune? Money makes the world go round but Jigga c’mon.

    This stupid gay ass tight jeans mothafucka Ye’ ain’t good for shit. His music is wack and his beats are RZA + a lil pop to it.

    Ain’t nobody give a shit bout this wack ass album. 2011 – RED Album, Carter IV, Planet C.O.B, Legendary Weapons, Follow Me Home & Detox (probably not tho)

    and we already got dope albums like Section.80, Hell the Sequel and All 6s & 7s which they will never be able to top.

    • Mad

      Y u mad tho??

    • $yk

      Say word you heard the album Chit…how’s the production? Who had the best verses on which songs? Or are you basically “chit-chatting” about something you have no idea about?

      back to the posting…I need to hear more than “HAM” to decide if I’m going to cop this project…1

  • O.skino

    although i’m excited about the album… lyrically i just don’t see it being better than Hell: The Sequel… Shady & his camp bringing lyricism back to rap. Ye’s a great producer, but just a decent rapper. He relies more on great production… i’m sure the album will be amazing in its own right, but real rap fans are all about the lyricism… the production’s supposed to take a back seat. Not vice-versa…

    • jfl11

      Really getting tired of people saying Eminem is bringing lyricism back… not 1 damn thing about Recovery was real hip hop.

      • bobclap

        they mean his fucking new album u dum bitch that was fire stupid just dont talk

  • bboy

    hell no im not listening 2 these devil worshipers my eyes r open now its not worth my soul

  • AdaGreat

    jfl11 ….. Are you mildly retarted? the recovery has proved to be the best album in the last 5 years! the only album that might be or is better is the carter 3 … you must be out of your mind to say that the recovery isn’t real hip hop … your probably one of the people in this world who considers people like wakaflocka and guccia maine good rappers.. just stfu and go to sleep

    • mav

      eminem nuts just called and said they need some breathing room ..yall stans kill me…royce is just as good a rapper as eminem ..hell proves it…and alotta niggas is better than 59

      • bobclap

        u dum fuck eminem is a legend his made so much classic songs with so much deep tracks that change peoples life lyrically no one can fuck with him the only person who are all dead B.I.G and big pun those guys are dead and his sold the most albums more that pac BIG gay z lil wayne kanye all those niggers and u wana start talking about 50 and royce are u mad stupid bitch do your research dum fuck

  • Facts

    YEP Jay z kanye j cole kid cudi TOP THAT shout out to drake
    edbody else fck on need new rappers

  • Facts

    Free the king Dro and B.o.B holding That Future movement down