Famous Couples Getting Inked for Love

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    It isn't a new phenomenon for folks to get tattoos inspired by or dedicated to their significant others... and it seems like rappers and their partners are quickly adopting the trend as well.<br /><br />Taking their PDA a step further, Wiz Khalifa's girlfriend, Amber Rose, recently got the word "Cam" tattooed on a finger in representation of Wiz's government first name, Cameron. In return, Wiz got the letters "Amb" inked on his hand as well.<br /><br />Rose isn't the only hip-hop lover expressing her devotion to her famous counterpart via body art. <em>XXL</em> lists seven celebrity girlfriends, wives and bfs that have gone to the tattoo parlor to profess their love to their boos, permanently.<em>—Gina Montana</em>
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    Jermaine Dupri and Janet are no longer together, but, when they were blissfully in love, Dupri got this Virgin Mary-esque tat of Ms. Jackson down the right side of his torso.
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    Beyoncé and Jay-Z got matching "IV"s, which represents both their birth days as well as their Sept. 4 wedding date...
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    Nasty Nas and Kelis went through a nasty divorce that left the Queens MC owing his ex-wife a ton of money. But, the reminder of K will always be right there, on Nas' left arm.
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    What better way to claim your man (who goes by the moniker Ladies Love Cool James, btw) than by tattooing his last name on a very public part of your body? LL Cool J's wife tattooed the words "Mrs. Smith" on her left arm, to remind all the other chicks the boy is hers.
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    Following suit, T.I.'s better half, Tiny, got the words "Mrs. Harris" tatted on her left hand, to further show her devotion to her longtime partner.
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    Kenyon Martin got his now rumored ex-girlfriend Trina's lips tattooed on his neck, to go along with images of his kids, which are inked on his arms.

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