Eminem & Royce Da 5’9″ Fly Past Big Sean on the Charts

With no major hip-hop album releases last week, Hell: The Sequel, from Eminem and Royce Da 5’9”, and Big Sean’s Finally Famous were the sole rap reps holding down top spots in the Billboard Top 200 albums chart, released today (July 13).

Bad Meets Evil climbed four spots this week from the No. 9 slot they occupied last week to No. 5, moving 35,500 units, according to the Nielsen SoundScan report. After four weeks the Detroit lyricists sold about 311,400 discs. Fellow D-Town native, Big Sean, sold 27,400 copies of his Def Jam debut in it’s second week, to register in at 114,700 CDs sold-to-date.

At No. 16 sits Pitbull’s Planet Pit, which, in it’s third week, sold 18,800, resulting in a total of 102,200.

Rounding out the Top 40 are Nicki Minaj, Wiz Khalifa, and Eminem, who came in at No. 25, No. 29, and No. 34 slots, respectively. Pink Friday, which moved up nine spots from last week, moved 12,600 in its 33rd week since being release. Young Money’s first lady has now sold 1,473,200 copies of her debut. Young Khalifa jumped back in the Top 40 after a one week absence, bolstered by 11,300 sales of his Atlantic Records debut Rolling Papers, as the XXL Freshman alum has moved 495,200 units to date. Slim Shady is creeping in on four times platinum, as Recovery sold 10,700 this week, bringing sales to 3,943,000

Check back next Wednesday (July 20) to find out how The Cool Kids’s When Fish Ride Bicycles, Pimp C’s. Still Pimping, Trae Tha Truth’s Street King, Cali Swag District’s The Kickback, and MellowHype’s BlackendWhite fare on the charts. —Adam Fleischer

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  • jfl11

    put Em’s name on anythin and it’s goin to top the charts, same for Jay and Kane. difference is I bet the “Watch the Throne” record will actually be a quality release. in my humble opinion Em has totally abandoned any hip hop roots he held, but his style of lyricism is what’s considered dope by the youth today.

    • RapMusic25

      Hell The Sequel is fuckin fiiiire.Pure rap music for hardcore hip hop fans.If you didnt like it,i cant understand if you have liked EM at all at anytime,cause on Hell The Sequel he is just fuckin insane together with Royce.Watch The Throne better be the best EP in history of rap cause Jay and Kanye have worked on that shit for months.It will never live up to the hype.

    • big swood

      em fell of on encore and relapse, because of silly voices and accents, carrying d12 on his back for a decade, waaaay too many pills, and his best friend gettin killed. he went from the very top, to borderline whack (just briefly). you say its mainstream or current now, but i don’t understand that, because he’s popular? he hasn’t rapped this hard since infinite, first great album since eminem show/8 mile. i AM a “hip-hop purist”, by your standards… love tribe, seen the roots live twice, word for word all of illmatic, and “we” are feelin em right now. his wordplay and metaphors are second to none, period. his flow switches back and forth with ease, his hooks and concepts are hot, he’s talking about REAL shit, not money cash hoes. and bad meets evil? that’s what purists crave to hear. 2 guys who have been mastering their craft for 15 years until it clicks. you said “delusional” about em fans, and everyone else is wondering wtf your really talkin about. all you sound like is a hater, with no true opinion or argument to stand on

  • Truth

    Adam Fleischer, what’s up with all the typos in literally EVERY article you post on this site? Step your game up son.

  • BlackOuT

    jfl11. i agree with your first sentence. but as for eminem abandoning his hip hop roots your totally wrong. hip hops about doing you and in his last album he clearly did. nobody has put a record out as real as that, and i dont mean real as in gangsta shit like all these other commercial rappers talk about. Im talking about mos def’s definition of hiphop, and if you dont know what that is your shouldnt be making comments about an ill emcee such as eminem. that being said eminem was way better on his older stuff than now, but like jigga man said, its called getting ya grown me on. ” yall should grow the fu** up, come here let me coach you” – jay-z. sounds like you need to high hov to help you step your game up.

    ps. watch the throne will probably be nasty too

    • jimmmyjam

      thts bull, recovery wasnt em being em it was em pandering to the mainstream, u could tell how forced tht album was, relapse was em being em but everyone hated it and it ddnt sell so he started singng and shit cos it sells. em hasnt spit a truly ill verse in ages.


        Obviously you havnt been listening to his music very closely. On Almost famous he was murderin shit on that song it was one of his hardest songs on Recovery, Relapse stand outs was MY Darlin, Beautiful, 3 am, Deja Vu and Stay Wide awake. I suggest you listen a little closer because of the way he is rappin lately must have been going over your head. Bad Meets evil has a bunch of ill shit on it too.

        • jfl11

          Napt you are embodying exactly what I despise about Em fans… delusional and obsessed.

      • tahj

        yu buggin eminem spit ill verses 96% of the times

  • mav

    shoutout to em for helpin royce eat..that said i hope royce gets proper respect for holdin his own wit the one most overrated rappers ever…not sayin em aint great aint sick wit words but record sales do not equal greatness..


      So I guess no one should consider Jay-Z great or Biggie or 2pac great then huh? Because from what I can tell they and a lot of other great artists have sold really well through out history, yeah there are some who where really good and didnt sell as much. But that point is bullshit. Yeah sales dont always measure greatness, but in most cases it helps.



    • jfl11

      Shame on you son… you don’t have any idea what the word classic means. If people are still bumping that Bad Meets Evil in a dozen years than i’ll come find you and shake your hand. Don’t get your hopes up though.


        And your embodying what I despise about so called hip hop purists, along with em haters and skeptics ” your in denial “. Sitting their not bringing facts to the table as usual, just bias.

  • jfl11

    Blackout I appreciate the civil response, but we’ll have to agree to disagree. Em’s doing his thing, making his money so I can’t hate on his grind. I still stand by my opinion of him leaving his hip hop behind somewhere in the early 2000′s (before The Eminem Show). He does probably have the most finely tuned rhyme scheme in the biz, but i’m not into it at all. It’s his fanbase that draws me away mostly, these dudes wanna call him the GOAT and they never heard a Nas record before. I’ll tell you someone who’s been brought up listening to A Tribe Called Quest and Common and The Roots isn’t going to be crazy about Em.


      First off Ill be listening to it from here on out as I do with all his shit, other than Encore I only cared for a few songs on it. Second I have been listening to hip hop since the early days like P.E., Eric b and rakim, run dmc the beasties, big daddy kane and others were true greats, and Eminem will stand beside them in the future as an important artist to hip hop, he is a goat and will be considered one,he is even by his peers which just happen to be the artists your a bigger fan of.
      He will stand along with Nas and Jay (the real overrated rapper ), big and pac and many others.
      And of course most fans of conscience rap wont be a big fan of his because he is not in that lane.

      • Alchemist

        bravo Napt, well said…jf is just a halfway crook who thinks he knows what he’s talking about when it comes to rap..

    • BlackOuT

      jfl11 – I agree with him falling off but not until the encore CD. his 2nd and 3rd albums were both nasty, and all the underground songs and freestyles with ppl like outsiders and royce is definitely his best shit. But all that stuff was more eminem attacking everyone whereas the eminem show was more direct and about certain things, which is what hip hop is, and how it started off as. Everyones rapping gangsta and he went a different way, doing his thing whether terrible( the two CD’s before the recovery) or sick. Hes still one of the greatest rappers emcee whatever out there, and ya most ppl who say that, havent even heard illmatic, the big picture, or reasonable doubt, which are some of the best albums. But i disagree with you that, some of the old school artists wouldnt feel him. To quote Masta Killa from wu-tang, “Now Eminem for example just another sample of your worst nightmare coming back at you”. And if thats not enough, jay mad others put him on tracks where he kills it, and Dre also was the one who put him on period.

  • brand-new

    uhhh i think you’re a little confused adrian smith. you say “fuck pop” and boast about “uncut hip-hop”, recovery dominated pop radio, and any time your video is on 106 & park it is NOT “uncut hip-hop”


    Watch the throne will sell more not because of quality but purely due to the fact that Jay and Kanye together are bigger names than Royce and Em. Kanye is a bigger producer so yeah the beats will maybe be better.Those two artists will propel it to high sales. But the lyricism will not be its high point, while Jay is a great rapper, Kanye is average.
    With Royce being a lesser known MC than the Jay and Kanye and Em giving him his due to shine I will be happy with the over all out come of Hells overall sales which is a big feat. Compared to what Jay and Kanye have going for them in popularity before watch the toilet even releases.
    That being said their ep hasnt even released and it has a lot of momentum going for it already, hell the sequel came out of no where and did well. Which says a lot.

  • RapItUp

    first off,2 all da h8rs who class recovey as POP,go screw urselves k?cuz its 1 of da da realest, most raw and honest albums i’ve heard&just coz it did well in da charts DONT MAKE IT POP U DUMB FUCKS.ppl just hyped cuz itz em spitting real life.2nd, 2 every1 whos all like I LUV EM after recovery& r like EW 2 HARDCORE aftr helldasequel, UR R NOT TRUE RAP FANS bcuz dat shit rite there is hardcore bangout rap.
    3rd 2 every1 who says he left hiphop roots, ur all epic fails bcuz hiphop is about RAPPIN ABOUT FEELINGS INSIDE and dats EXACTLY wot em does in recovery.sure,it duz hav 2 much singin4 my liking, but its still a RAP ALBUM, unlike weezy’s autotuned singin mumble wiv a bit of ‘rap’ thrown in.
    EM 4 EVER!!!!!!

  • Mitch 3K

    Wow, another internet thread hating on Eminem again. didt expect that………

    *Sarcasm off*

    Em doin his thing, dont like it dont listen

    Bad Meets Evil was dope, Recovery was dope, but of course with Eminem you know how it go, gotta hate on it regardless

    Always loved how people nowadays be like “Eminem needs to go back to his old style”…………….Dig up some 10 yars old internet web pages and you’ll see that just as many people cried about those albums as they do the new ones

    • ben

      I agree with you regardless of how everyone feels there is no denying this album is hot. Eminem will likely never be the same rapper he was on the Slim Shady and MM LP but hes still such a great rapper and lyricist. Recovery was a good album and what some of these fickle fans needed to get back on the Eminem train, but even his worst album, Encore in my opinion, had good songs and compared to most of the other stuff out there, it’s still an instant classic! Anyways Bad Meets Evil is dope go cop it

  • DJ Ken

    @jfl11 Thinks he knows everything about hip hop, Sorry u don’t son. I’ve been following hip hop for almost 18yrs now. Nas only has Good lyrics, his rhymes and flow are all mediocre. Em has clever lyrics coupled with fast flow and incredible wordplay and rhymes. When it comes to wordplay, NO RAPPER EVER can mix up words the way Em do.

  • DJ Ken

    Related to the sales shit, Watch the throne is an LP, Hell : The sequel is an EP. Em did not promote Hell: The Sequel at all. Btw, the max Watch the throne can do is platinum !!
    When it comes to quality, production wise, i think “watch” will be better, but 70% of why peeps buy hip hop albums is bcoz of lyrics not beats(Maybe). Illmatic had an awful production, but still one of the GOAT.

  • brand-new

    you thought the production on illmatic was “awful”? wow…..really!?

  • Big A

    BME Hell: the sequel is a dope ass ep, the lyrics and flows are sick as fuck. and the production is tight too. classic ep in my opinion. Recovery was a classic also, only prob i had with that album was the production coulda been alot better and he could had more hip hop features. but for people claiming that its a “pop album” thats bullshit, just because two songs feature pop artist doesn’t make the whole record pop. lyrically that album is sick, and u can tell em put alot of effort as passion into that album. he was rapping like he had something to prove again. Alot of people say em fell off, i totally disagree i think hes gotten better he rhyme schemes and flows, and delivery has gotten alot sharper. and his wordplay and metaphores and still fuckin insane. People just hate on everything that dude does, its sad. Em has just matured and grown up, many most of his so called fans need to do the same.

  • boutdatdrama420

    sickest shit ever. who ever is on here bumpin gums on some bullshit. dont know wtf they are talking bout, lil ass niccas dont know shit…been bumping rap since grandmaster flash, big daddy kane, nwa, geto boys….I fucking know, homie. bad meets evil is STRAIGHT FIRE! all yall ross, young money, we da best dickriders need to hop off the dick for a sec, than eat a dick, just like ur favorite rapper eats dicks on the daliy, faggot ass niccas. Shady all day, royce all day, slaughterhouse all day, g unit all day.

  • Bryan

    Eminem has sold more records than any other rap/hip-hop artist. Ever. Now i doubt anyone can really deny that em is a better rapper than jay or kanye. Seriously, those two will never be able to come close to his lyricism. That is a fact and not an opinion.