Eminem’s Record-Breaking Recovery

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    Eminem's Record-Breaking Recover
    Eminem boasts a laundry list of record-breaking accomplishments. Some of the highlights include: being named the highest-selling artist of the last decade, the first rapper to receive two diamond plaques (for 2000’s <em>The Marshall Mathers LP</em> and 2002’s <em>The Eminem Show</em>), and he’s also the most popular human being on Facebook, with over 42 million likes (beating out Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga). Just yesterday (July 5) Em earned another notch on his belt when it was announced that his last solo album, <em>Recovery</em>, became the first LP in history to obtain 1 million digital purchases. As monumental as that sounds, the Detroit lyricist’s seventh studio LP has done nothing but make history since hitting stores last June. Here’s a look back at some of <em>Recovery</em>’s other record-breaking accomplishments.
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    <em>Recovery</em> was the world's top selling album of 2010, with over 5.7 million discs sold internationally.
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    <em>Recovery</em> was also 2010's highest-selling LP in the U.S., moving 3.4 million units last year alone.
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    "Love the Way You Lie," Em's second single from <em>Recovery</em> featuring Rihanna, was the highest-selling single in the U.K. in 2010.
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    "Love the Way You Lie" was also the most streamed song on the Internet of 2010, racking up 22,336,000 listens.
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    The video for "Love the Way You Lie" was the most watched clip on YouTube in its premiere, earning 6.6 million views in the first 24 hours.

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  • Chris S

    Relapse was much better in my opinion


    Not in mine,
    Relapse was uneven, half great half garbage, it only had like four stand out songs. Where as I can listen to Recovery almost all the way through.Bad meets Evil is better than both in my opinion.

    • G Money

      True relapse is pretty wack Recovery is aclassic more than half the songs are heat. That bad meets evil is hard but not as good as recovery ”Welcome 2 Hell” is the hardest shit of the year

  • hippaToDaHoppa

    Recovery is Em’s 2nd worst album (next to Encore). It’s not even a hip-hop record, it’s some weird alt-pop ish.

  • HipHopAintDead

    Relapse lyricly was way better but the accent wrecks it, to listen to though recovery is unreal

  • http://whynemusic.com whynemusic.dot.com

    I respect Relapse but wasnt my favorite..RECOVERY GETS MY VOTE

  • http://facebook brandon

    just admitted guyz eminem is the best rapper evar.And imeant to spell it that way;he is also my favorite rapper so maybe iam a little bias but thats besides the point.he is even better (my opion) than biggie rip,tupac, and jayz as far as spitting fire on the mic. i know iam going too get some feed back on this one so come wit it baby.

  • Dj Ken

    Recovery is a phenomenal album, Not a classic, but great in it’s own way. Too many Pop/rap song ruined it from being a classic.

  • Da902

    I think Recovery and Relapse are even, Recovery is more mainstream, and Relapse was just lyrical slaughter, more people like Recovery because its mainstream, less like Relapse because its real Hip-Hop.