DMX’s First Day Out of Prison [Photo Gallery]

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Best of XXL

  •!/Th3Baum Th3Baum

    Real talk I’m prayin for you X.. Stay outta trouble.

  • A

    What happened to the photo captions?

  • http://xxl Casey Sparxx

    Real talent should not be reduced to this, Yo X! get your head right bro, you have had 5 or 6 albums all on the # 1 Spot on the bill board charts and not to mentions big box office movies, and now this,dont throw it all away and over what???im just saying…

  • Shorty74

    Slow Down my n****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Name

    Please stay outta trouble!!

  • nquestion

    X is my nigga but i really hope this makes him hungry again to come back with another one of those straight gangsta masterpieces that made him a household name to begin with make headlines with ur music dawg not with all the nonsense !!!! 1love nigga

  • Pk

    x keep your head up, drop some hits.

  • yadiragarcia

    a yo x u is more than welcome in my home… nv..

  • Leroy Love

    Aint dude driver’s license suspended in 50 states? What the hell he doing behind the wheel of that car? Stay out trouble D, we need somebody to put out a track called, “Hip Hop Back” for real.

  • Gusto

    We dont wanna hear or see nothing but Albums and Movies X. Albums more importantly but I know that movie money is a good look…. wishing you all the best my man. G

  • Kenneth

    Am giving him1 year n then he will be back

  • Brian

    Welcome back home Fam, RR gone reck shit. Ruff Ryders! U Know!

  • Slice


  • GM

    Its dark and hell is hot right, forget the labels stay strong even though its so hard in this world when it shouldn’t because we don’t live like nobody else, everyday we have everything. This world is sick and those at the top are only out there to screw you over.

  • Exzeviour

    i love ou man you take my damn depressions away everytime i listen to your hard core rap songs

  • mbimi

    never joint them dmx, ride with Jesus and get salvation