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  • neic

    thats hot I love it

  • Mikey F Baby

    Looks like some Sucker Punch type ladies in the back there. dope

  • Technique

    Does anyone know when it comes out?

  • Turn off the fucking radio

    None of these guys is a boss. They all love the next man’s cock in their mouth or in their ass, especially cam’ron. The title of their mixtape ought to be “The ghey rappers”

    • rusty malik

      spoken from a true lil b fan

  • eastlaketony

    man dont nobody want to hear no mothafuckin camron. didnt fifty end dat dude’s career. that nursery rhyme shit he raps.(im ooey im gooey ass nigga) that otha nigga who da fuck is he????

    • alderman j

      NO NIGGA, fif didnt end his career, LAST I CHECKED, FIF IS ON HIS LAST ALBUM ON INTERSCOPE, INTERSCOPE JUST SIGNED THE DIPS AND VADO TO CONTRACTS!!! HMMMMM!!! “they told me cam yo we proud of you/you doing things that we wasnt allowed to do/i said im doing things that i vowed to do/drive drops,eat good garlic oil/smoke weed fuck bitches on foreign soil/crown us the whole squad is royal!!

      • Ice

        You know what it is!!! Boss of all Bosses 3!

    • Brennen

      He stopped rapping like that on Purple Haze. Niggas have distant memories of Cam. Ever since he came out with “Curtis” he’s been killin beats, especially @AraabMusik’s . Look here doggie, start with Public Enemy vol 1 and 2 then graduate H.S. to Crime Pays and to Boss Of All Bosses 1 and move on to community college where you complete your associate’s with Boss Of All Bosses 2 and 2.5. After that it’s up to you whether or not you wanna move on to your bachelor’s and get Gunz N Butta, but that’s you.

  • woop

    lil b 4 lil boss , dipset bitch