Bust-A-Cap: Wiz Khalifa Goes Down on Amber Rose

Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose haven’t been too private about their relationship since they began dating earlier this year, but the couple recently gave a new meaning to Public Display of Affection.

The Pittsburgh rapper recently brought Amber out on stage and quickly made her part of his set. As picture above, Wiz randomly licked Amber around her crotch area during his performance. We’re a little bit at a loss for words and here’s where you come in. Hit us your best caption in the comments and the winner will receive something dope from the XXL office.—XXL Staff

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  • Erik

    That’s what I call putting the dew on the rose petal

  • L

    Is this how Kanye taste?

  • DMellow77

    Caption: “Man, I really DO love me some black & yellow!”

  • Intern
  • Kadams

    “Every Rose has it’s thorns”.

    • http://www.sas00123.com john

      hi , i vole u

  • koshan_samuel

    thats never gonna fill you up!

  • jimmmyjam

    seriously thischick has absoloutly noshame. shell do anything for some shine

  • http://www.xxlmag.com KING C2

    U gta lick it … before U stick it :-)

  • J Fazz

    Got Rose?

  • J Fazz

    Puss & Orange Juice

    • josh

      ^hahahaha winner

  • MindState

    Looks like Pac-Man goin after a pussy pellet..

  • gfoxx

    Yeezy taught me…..

  • http://lewisnelson/facebook.com Lew Nelson

    Everything’s better when your high.

  • Wiz khalifa

    I swear I’m not gay. Seriously. I’m not gay. I’m not gay. See. Look at what I’m doing. I can’t be gay. I’m not. I’m not gay. I’m doing this on stage in front of you so you can all see how gay I’m not. I’ve gotta keep telling myself. I’m not gay. I’m not gay. I’m not gay. I’m not gay. I’m gay. Oops.

  • smokey

    This is how i get my swishers to taste like fish

  • Fuck XXLosers

    That bitch got more hair on her ass than on her head. Fugly bitch! Wiz probably confused by the bald head anthink he’s doing that to Jordan.

  • Kyle

    Everyone in the hood been up in her! She got more kids than Mrs. Wayans!

  • Stuckfresh

    Lick her whole body I don’t give a motherfuck!!



  • matthew ramsay

    hmm… i wonder if the carpet matches the drapes

  • Da_Moonman

    “Munchin rug on stage? Thats Erryday.”

  • Southide Jonesy

    Aren’t there laws that protect cancer patients from sexual abuse?

  • MOB

    thizz bitch is ugly azzz fuck!!

  • http://isellbeats.com aflex

    it aint tricken if ya got it

  • Zaak

    Caption: “5 second rule!”

  • snow

    my rosy flower

  • http://hotmail.com wza

    This dude whipped and getting played. When he tried to get a kiss from her at the BET awards when he won, she moved her lips away….Guess he aimed at the wrong ones.

  • TtheBeauty

    My Caption, Well a Poem.lol: “Roses are red, Weed is green, Wiz just tasted all those rappers who been in between!”

  • J.J.

    Wiz: “Mmm, Mmmm, Mmmmm. Maybe a little of Yeezy’s success will rub off on me.”

  • Kevin Guy

    Amber, How many licks does it take for you to get Kanye to give me a beat for my next album?

  • Gcode

    Wiz Khalifa is what he eats

  • Kriss

    It’s ease on down the road to see the Wiz…not the happy trail..

  • andreleone

    Wiz How my nuts taste (Kanye Voice)

  • bryan j

    how come im the last to know snoop dogg and eminem are hookin up??

  • RkLamb

    Wiz Rose Deep

  • Brian

    Yeezy taught me…

  • Matt

    in tha c**t, in tha c**t, lick you like a blunt

  • bryant smith

    do ya thang wiz…

  • me5to


  • that nigga


  • Alex

    roses really smell like poo ooo ooo

  • DeCe

    Yeezy Taught Her Well

  • Juwan

    He is lucky, cuz if that was me i woulda tore that shit up

  • Bricks

    Wiz you said it was P.O.P. paper over pussy, nigga you said that shit! What does this bitch do besides fuck & suck? Who put this nothing ass bitch on for one? All she bringn is PUSSY? Caption: Wiz You Are Not the Father!!!!!!!!!

  • 2west

    ” sorry, you had some ketchup on your pants”

  • wayneg

    Kanye told me go ahead and switch my style up.

  • Torrae

    So there is something he likes more than Rolling Papers.

  • http://xxlmagazine SHANE MASEK

    roses are red, vilotes are blue but Amber Rose is black and yellow.

  • Tyleek

    Filth! Flarm! Filth! Ma Boy Wiz is Likin where ma boy Kanye once Licked, layed and Screwed, you know what they say one mans trash is another treasure


    u aint even gotta ask (you know this ish tastes GOOD)


    I hope he knows how many nuts were busted in her. Lets count em…
    1. Kanye West
    2. Fabolous
    3. Reggie Bush
    4. Cassidy
    5. Amare Stoudimore
    6. Lebron
    7. Her clients when she was a stripper at age 15
    8. Taylor Gang
    9. Jamie Foxx
    10. Everyone at Louie Vitton
    11. Natalie Nunn from Bad Boys Club
    12. People we don’t even know yet, lol

  • Lasonja

    Can you get much higher! So high! Ooh ooh oh!

  • wowwzaa

    “Amber, I think my tongue is stuck”

  • Trip

    Why do I smell fishsticks?

  • wa_stateofmind

    best so far IMO ^^

  • PapaJay11061


  • K-Money

    Hmm, tastes good. But does that tat say “Ye’ was here first”

  • J6oo

    caption: “mmhhh…i love fish”

  • Aaron Douglas

    it really does taste like chicken!


    yeezy taught u well!

  • Chris

    Not as bald as up top but it’ll do

  • phil

    lick-lick-lick-lick-lick it like a lollipop

  • amber

    “yeezy reupholstered my pussy”

  • mistaCOOK

    ”This is how I got the yellow strip in my fro” uhuhuhuhuhuh!!

  • BankRoll

    “She taste like a box of lemon heads” uhuhuhuhuhuh!!

  • pazzy

    “Mmmm sloppy seconds”

  • Jake

    ya better let it go im already at your funeral walkin with a rose like wiz kalfa

  • andrew keyes

    he wanna love her long time!!!!!!!!!

  • http://twitter Terrell

    tastes like kanye

  • C Da Tyrant

    if u eat it wiz i mite give u your balls back.

  • LexAndProfosy

    Thats what i call havin the munchies

  • http://www.xxlmag.com Woods brada

    He should change his name to wiz khalicka!! Or Jizz khalifa maybe?? How about Wiz khacuntlicker?? Idk, I’m just spit ballin……..just like my nigga wiz khacoochieater!! hahahahahahaha

  • larry

    “yeezy taught me,” – Wiz Khalifa

  • B

    “MMMM…tastes like chicken!!”

  • Donovan

    “Babe, i hope your shaved down there too”

  • RICO

    Crouching Tiger….Hidden Dragon!
    Crouching Khalifa….Hidden Rose!

  • Z

    Kanye left some of his gay fish tarter sauce on your denim. Let me get that for you, maybe my lyrics will improve.

  • tedwai

    Lap Doggy Dogg

  • http://yahoo JASIYA


  • tyeboy

    “Damn baby, u got kush crumbs all in yo pocket…..let me get that fo u”

  • miguel ruiz

    can’t wait to go to khalifa’s room.

  • martinsalas310

    “Yeezy taught me”

  • http://faceebook.com/tunezentertainment Tony Tunes

    How many Licks dose it Take to get to Amber Rose’s Middle?

  • jabari

    ok, now hold it between ur fingers, add a little more spit and roll.

  • http://www.soundcloud.com/NewLBlazement New’L

    Lol… Wiz is whipped. “aii… so tonight… you gonna eat my pussy on stage. Ye’ always said that would be a show stopper.” LOL

  • http://xxl Diamondz

    what would you do for a klondyke bar ?

  • Tiazia T.

    SHe Gon Get It When They Get Homee (:

  • rollingpapersnpussy112

    Damn! pussy in a pussy’s mouth, so fitting!