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    There’s absolutely no better way to keep in touch with your favorite rappers and producers than Twitter. In a week, you’re bound to get a book of info about or from them. This week, was no different as Bow Wow experienced a “hack” while Talib Kweli wanted to run someone over. #DEAD. XXL compiles a list of some of the week’s best tweets. The Tweets is Watching… — <em>XXL Staff</em>
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  • poo

    dam the flocka tweet shocked the shit oout of me

    • jimmmyjam

      wackas top 5 rappers. no joke

      Waka Flocka Flame

      he truthfully love hip hop and he knows heaint very good at rap.

      • Donte

        jimmy or whatever ya name is shut the fuck up !!! 4 of them of great rappers you dumb bitch….@poo the Waka statement shocks me too,damn that couldnt have been waka that said it

        • jimmmyjam

          donte ur a fucking fool.

          i gave u a liast of wackas favourite rappers and u fucking isnsulted me. it was him tht said tht, his favourite rappers are the 5 i stated hes said it multiple time ufuckin piece of shit.

          • Ninja Boi

            i think he thought u said wakas as in wackest or sumn lol he must be feeling pretty stupid right now lol but yea i totally agree with u jimmmyjam Waka truly loves Hip Hop

          • Donte

            @Ninja Boi feeling stupid for what i aint losing sleep, i got a GOOD ASS JOB,so how could i ever be a piece of shit????????????????????????? yep i read wrong my fault smdh

  • Randy Lahey

    I didn’t know Alicia Keys was Busta Rhymes brother.

  • Phil

    Didn’t know Alicia Keys was Busta Rhymes brother.

  • chris-9999

    Who was Questlove talking about?

  • L

    yeeeeaaahhh son wakas right nasty nas all day!