An Open Letter to Rappers

Dear Rappers,

Stop threatening fans with announcements of retirement. We don’t believe you, you’ll always need more people.

Jay-Z, this is all your fault. You started the retirement trend and you also started the trend of never actually retiring.

Now, rappers say they want to call it quits before they even drop an album. (We see you B.o.B).

Ask yourself a question, rappers. Do you know what the retirement age is for regular jobs? That ish goes up every year. Right now it’s pushing damn near 70 years old. Why the fuck would you be allowed to opt out early? Seriously. What are y’all gonna do when you stop MCing? Is Lil Wayne gonna start a second career and open up a chain of McDonalds. Really? Is Game gonna start selling real estate?

Weezy isn’t even 30 and he was already talking bout retirement in our latest issue. Eminem, Lupe Fiasco, Game, Dr. Dre, Kid Cudi, Too Short, Saigon, the list goes on and on. Now, 50 Cent , who once promised to retire if Kanye West outsold him (he lost), claims that he’s ready to throw in the towel because of issues with his record label, Interscope.

Who believes him?

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  • SC

    Actually, Jay-Z didn’t start the trend of saying they were going 2 retire and never doing it. In 1996 Too Short said his 10th album Gettin’ It would be his last. Three years later in 1999 he came back with the album Can’t Stay Away. Since saying he was going 2 retire in ’96, he’s released 9 albums. Also, in 1998 Master P released MP Da Last Don and said that would be his last album. One year later (about 15 months or so) in 1999, he came back with Only God Can Judge Me. After saying he was retiring in ’98, he released 5 albums until he actually did retire in 2005.

  • Sha

    On some real sh*t? Everyone knows this is always a ploy to try to negotiate with the labels. The average dude knew when Jay-Z was talking retirement it was strictly a strategy in freeing himself of contractual B.S. with his previous crew.

    50 Cent ran that game for a minute. And then Kanye promptly whipped his ass and the gimmick got revealed for what it was…. Another ploy by 50 and Interscope to sell records off of an artist that was clearly more hot than 50 (at the time).

    But eventually all of the rappers run back to the dog dish for some more cash. The only group in recent memory that hasn’t come back is ATCQ. Why? Because maybe they were on some real ish…. But who knows? They might try it again.

    But in my opinion the true problem with hip-hop is AGE AND RESPECT FOR OUR ELDERS.

    Rapping is a young man’s game. And until it ceases to be so, hip-hop as a whole will continue to suffer. Cannibalistic behavior and grimy marketing is the reason you won’t ever see a 60 plus rapper selling out venues like The Rolling Stones. Trying to fake us out with the occasional retirement is part of the marketing ploy and politics of being a rapper.

    Meanwhile, rappers like THE GAME get away with trying to sh*t on “Old School Nigg*s”, when what they should be getting is a thorough ass whipping from the hip-hop community as a whole. Longevity should be celebrated. Not sh*tted on.

    Hence the word “Retirement”. It’s like another code word for “Washed Up” or “Over the hill”. It’s a weapon.

    Most rappers have weak minds and truly believe the average hip-hop fan is a dummy. But surprise! Most of us aren’t. Is there any wonder most rappers are easily pimped and controlled?

  • fuckyall

    well i hope that changes and i thank it is kool g rap just drop a lp and hes over 40 and them wutang dudes are in the 40s now and still going. i cant evening get in to these young dudes only one i like is fashawn.

  • prettynana43

    Oh Please 50,,,stop poppin shit! pull ur thongs out ur ass! always b!tchin when things dont go your way! hatin ass silly bitch ass nicca! U need 2stop puttin so much energy n2 being vindictive n spiteful,,,n try reviving that career thats been dead for so long! N cool it with those close up faceshot pics,,,because u aint cute,,not one bit! UGH!

  • Thomas

    I remember when The Game first dropped The Documentary and I read that he had signed a four-five album deal with the label. Before his second album dropped he said he was going to retire after that, same thing before/after the release of LAX. Every time he did an interview where he said something like that I wondered why he would continue to push that KNOWING he was on a 4-5 album deal. It doesn’t increase sales (I do not believe-well not in hip-hop) and just makes someone sound like a complete liar.

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