Dear Rappers,

Stop threatening fans with announcements of retirement. We don't believe you, you'll always need more people.

Jay-Z, this is all your fault. You started the retirement trend and you also started the trend of never actually retiring.

Now, rappers say they want to call it quits before they even drop an album. (We see you B.o.B).

Ask yourself a question, rappers. Do you know what the retirement age is for regular jobs? That ish goes up every year. Right now it's pushing damn near 70 years old. Why the fuck would you be allowed to opt out early? Seriously. What are y'all gonna do when you stop MCing? Is Lil Wayne gonna start a second career and open up a chain of McDonalds. Really? Is Game gonna start selling real estate?

Weezy isn't even 30 and he was already talking bout retirement in our latest issue. Eminem, Lupe Fiasco, Game, Dr. Dre, Kid Cudi, Too Short, Saigon, the list goes on and on. Now, 50 Cent , who once promised to retire if Kanye West outsold him (he lost), claims that he's ready to throw in the towel because of issues with his record label, Interscope.

Who believes him?