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  • Flowisdope


  • Axel Foley

    lol @ puhlinsula

  • central cali boy

    really? gettin shine for spittin the next mans verse? waist of tape

  • Everybody

    WTF is this?????????????? how dare this even be out for anyone to see… this is jacking at its worst and most blatant. wtf man… this is y the fucking game is wak

  • Frank B. (C,M,G,)

    this is just WRONG!!! You cant do that.. its one of the first rules of hip hop.. (wich over rules & that of all rap) 1. THOU SHALL NOT BIGHT.
    and this guy tried to articulate it and did it unbecoming of a lyricist. Not in a way that a Jz would do it,, giving homage and then taking it back into his own flow. He said it just like the original and even managed to mess up a few lines here and there.