It’s been five long years since MF DOOM and Ghostface Killah announced that they would be dropping a joint album. Earlier this week, a new song from the duo dropped, and got the scoop that the two—now collectively calling themselves DOOMSTARKS—have recently regrouped and are finally preparing to release the disc sometime in the near future. But the question remains, what took them so long? Taking a cue from David Letterman, XXL put together a list of the Top 10 reasons DOOM and Ghost didn’t drop their LP sooner.

10. They couldn’t agree on a cool group name, their was just too many combinations. (MF GHOST?, DOOMDINI? Tony DOOM?)


9. It was too hard to decide on a mask for Ghostface to wear.


8. DOOM couldn't figure out Ghostface's email address (was it Ghostface@gmail or Tonystarks@aol or maybe Ghostdini@hotmail, no PrettyToney@yahoo?)


7. Swift and Changeable didn’t sound like an appropriate album title after making the fans wait since 2006.


6. DOOM didn’t want to record near the water as is Ghost’s preference. He was afraid his metal face would get rusty.


5. Ghostface’s crazy visions got in the way.


4. They were holdin’ out for Nelly’s masked homey Slo’ Down from the St. Lunatics to get involved.


3. DOOM kept on sending imposters to studio sessions.


2. They wanted to beat Dr. Dre. How long have fans been waiting on Detox now?


1. It was just too damn hard to out-weird Lil B.