Yelawolf Says Radioactive Album Was Done In 2 Weeks

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  • otowns finest


  • Soul-less

    He’s a lil wayne ass mu fucker who would spit rhymes over a god damn sample of the toilet being flushed if it’ll make him a couple bucks for fuck sake. What does it say about ya when ya can make an album in 2 weeks, it dont say ya talented what it tells me is that ya playin around with shit and then when that shit even sounds remotely like a track you slap some lame ass lyrics and a name on it to brand that shit and then put it on an album. Its called Rap with no soul and lil wayne and his gang off muppets perfected that a long time ago, its the fast food of rap and its meaningless.

  • TM-103

    He’s wack! Jumped on Slaughterhouse track, they murdered him…. Jumped on Worldwide Choppers track with Tech,Busta,Twista…. and he got raped! At least he can do sumthn with his hair. It’s not cool.

  • andy mac

    yela wolf spit that crack i cant wait for the new album

  • Quality

    He’s got some decent songs. New album should be interesting. A lot more albums drop before that though.

  • greenlite616

    I’m not really feeling Yelawolf, at first I was interested but after hearing some his music he’s not that dope. Eminem could of signed a million other white rappers that are hotter. There have always been other white mc’s in the underground scene that could have been signed by him then Yela.