XXL Gives Joe Budden a Twittervention

If he said it, he meant it and Joe Budden bites his tongue for no one. For years, Joe Beezy’s been calling people out through his records (“Talk 2 ‘Em“), and via his YouTube channel JoeBuddenTV. But as of late, Jump Off has turned to Twitter to air it all out with the people he has beef with. Tweef (Twitter beef) being lame hasn’t stopped him from taking his rants to the social networking site.

It’s only June, and this year Joey’s already engaged in four Tweefs with Marlon Wayans, Chris Brown, Esther Baxter, and most recently a record label A&R. JB and the Wayans brother’s jabs were comical, but his infamous tirade with Esther tweefing over the loss of their child caused extreme concern for us here at the office.

There’s such a thing as too much Twitter beef. To help him with his bad habit, XXL staged a Twittervention with the staff taking turns discussing the disturbing effects of his tweets. 

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  • Kid Cashier

    zzzzzzz. xxl took the L on this one….

    whats more wack? someone who beefs on twitter or someone who follows all the beef of that person on twitter and writes some lame ass article about it…

    take this dumb shit down… do not give a fuck!

  • francis nasim

    love ya sista dress ya brotha b ya mother-then decimate enemies from blind sides like a snake in the pocket of caskets easily valen time to get out

  • Trey Newman

    you niggas is pointless xxl has ran out of hip hop news wtf JOEY is the nigga get the fuck outta here where is the “beef” wit chris brown and marlon waynes tht wasnt beef wtf xxl needs to retire

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