What Did Busta Rhymes Really Do to Rack Up a $9,000 Phone Bill?

Busta Rhymes has been dropping killer guest verses lately. But, his reinvigorated popularity has apparently come with a lofty price.

Reports surfaced earlier this week (June 13) that Bussa Buss has racked up a $9,000 bill by rapping on the phone for the past three months. Consequently, the rapper was spotted at an AT&T store in Downtown New York last Friday trying to sort out the outrageous tab.

Somehow, XXL doesn’t believe the claims that the former Leader of the New School member accrued the costs only by spitting verses into his handheld. So, we’ve come up with a list of things Busta could’ve been doing to accumulate the charges. Racks on racks on racks!—XXL Staff

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  • Epic

    Yall must be bored with no vision to write this…..

  • dre

    this is fake. who would put real numbers out there on a big website. even got xxl main phone line on it too. y waste dey time on fake shit

  • Face Phoenix

    What happened to XXL just reporting the news? If I want a chuckle I’ll watch the Daily Show or Colbert Report. Cut this crap out and generate some worthwhile stories.

  • LULU

    There are no arabs in South Africa.
    Do your homework you stupid ignoramus!

  • jimmmyjam

    idiot they do generate news. but there isnt a peice of braking news every two fucking seconds.they have to keep peple cuimin to their site and give them something to read. the reason it looks like it was thrown together in seconds is cos it prolly was. jsus u ppl are fuckin annoyingly stupid