Video Director Vashtie Kola Talks About Her ‘King’ Title

You are the first female to have your own Jordan sneaker. With the True Blues dropping recently, what are your favorite Jordans? Excluding the one’s you designed, of course.

The Jordan III’s. Black cement Jordan III’s.

I have a lot of friends who call themselves “Va$htie stans.” What’s been your best stan experience?

There was this one girl on my blog, she’s been commenting since probably 2006. So her sister-in-law had reached out— apparently they lived in Maryland or Delaware, I’m not sure—  and was like, “She totally loves you, she’s such a huge fan. We’re coming to New York for the weekend to celebrate her birthday and it’d be really amazing if you could come to her birthday party and just totally surprise her.” I was like, “I’ll definitely try to make it.” But that night I ended up on a shoot so I couldn’t make it. The next day I tried to reach out like, “Just finding out if you’re leaving. I really want to meet her. That would be awesome for me.” They were literally on their way out of the city and they were like, “OK cool, we’ll come meet you and surprise her ‘cause she doesn’t know.” So they have like a stretch Navigator or something crazy, they pull up to this meeting spot that we had, and then I basically wrapped some Violette goodies for her. They open the car door and she just looks at me is like floored. And it was just really crazy. They told me after I left that she kept it together but she was crying [afterwards] and [was] really happy and excited that she got to meet me. I think that still really shocks me. I’m like, “if I can make her happy that’s more than enough for me.” Just to have that effect someone is awesome. And meeting someone that’s been so supportive of me felt really amazing also.

Lastly, can we get a rrundown of your current and near-future projects?

Just working with a lot of new artists, directing videos. I just came from Trinidad and I did a couple of very amazing photo shoots with Jonathan Manion. And basically those things will be coming out soon. And the Violette collection will be out soon. A whole lot of new things to purchase and check out. And yeah, that’s it for now.

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    I don’t see what the big deal is with Vashtie. Like what did she do to deserve all of this buzz that she’s been getting? She directed some videos, and somehow someone at Jordan let her design a shoe for no apparent reason other than creating more of a buzz with the New York scenesters and creating more hype with a limited edition shoe. She has an upcoming project with Jonathan Mannion, where…what? She’s getting photographed? Is that really considered a project? Whatever.

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      She steal your man?

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