Teacher Resigns After Showing Class Eminem Video

A middle school teacher in Westborough, Massachusetts resigned after showing Eminem’s “Superman” video to her students.

The Metrowest Daily News reports that after Dr. Sarah Jordan showed a clip of the Marshal Mather’s video (without sound), in her media analysis class at Sarah W. Gibbons Middle School. A parent filed a criminal complaint to administrators.

Prior to stepping down, Jordan had been suspended with pay. “The parent had the wrong information,” Jordan said. “It just got crazy.”

While the video contains nudity, police didn’t press charges against Jordan after determining the students were shown an edited version of the video, which blurred out anything that would have been considered obscene. —Nicole LoPresti

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  • Elizabeth

    I side with the teacher. I’m a parent, but COME ON, it’s nice to see teacher embracing diverse ways of teaching. It is a media class, and no offensive sites or sounds were presented.

    To that complaining parent: Get a life.

    • Elizabeth II

      Feel sorry for your kids! Get a life? Maybe you should take your own advice!

  • Waving my finger

    Trailer park trash does not belong in the classroom. Only in the hallways.

    Check out ‘Smashing Skit” by iBar

    All you hiphop fans are going to want to see this!


  • whitegirlwonder

    i think it’s cool that people have to resign when they show Eminem videos in public. Slim Shady is all there ever is or will be.