Social network hacking is becoming more and more common and Soulja Boy is claiming to be its newest victim.

According to TMZ, the super soak rapper fell victim to a racist and homophobic rant that was posted to his Facebook account over the weekend after being hacked. The raving comments started by saying, “"IM TIRED OF WHITE PEOPLE DOING US LIKE THIS MAN!! THEY TREAT US SO WRONG!! f**k THEM." And it gets worse as it continues. "I'm gonna keep talking sh*t to these white f*ggots until they unlike my page. f**king weirdo stalkers!"

As homophobia in hip-hop has become somewhat of an issue lately, the SOD leader expressed his outrage about the comments to TMZ. "I wanted to clear the air and let everyone know that my Facebook got hacked," he said. "I had administrators on my account that no longer work with me. The hackers used these old accounts to post hateful messages. This was not done by me or anyone on my team and I'm upset that I am being labeled as a racist and homophobic person." —Amber McKynzie