Mobb Deep Talks Collaboration Album with Nas and More

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  • Enlightened

    They need to add Raekwon to that album. I been saying for years I wish I could have a Nas/Mobb Deep/Rae album.

    • ClevelandNigga

      your a smart dude because thats what i say all the time because the infamous,Hell on Earth and Murda Muzik was the best albums and it had nas and rae on there…the next albums did not….A mobb depp/nas album would be CRAZY….but there is one question i want to know WHY THE FUCK HAS THERE NEVER BEEN A NAS/AZ ALBUM!!!..well *shrugs* guess it wont ever happen

  • brand-new

    @clevelandnigga there kinda was a nas/az album. it was called the firm, it just included nature and foxy brown as well. the worst nas letdown for me is the nas/dj premier album.

  • fireforreal

    There is no way I or any real Nas and AZ fan would say the firm was kind of a Nas/AZ album. I would just be happy with a 7 song ep of straight gutter beats and of course dope lyrics. They would just have to have the right production. Unknown producers who are hungry. No guest appearences,just the two of them. Well atleast mick boogie brought out a dope mixtape called executive decisions back in 06

  • romil

    I dont know why they sleep on AZ, AZ and Nas are a deadly combination. These dudes got so much talent and creativity they can make an album that would destroy the detox hype. imagine an album produced by Hav & alchemist, with a lil extra producers like Just blaze,Rza, Kanye. featuring Nas, AZ, Mobb Deep Rae & Ghost,Noyd titled (Golden Era)