Master P Ordered to Pay $271 Per Month in Child Support

It looks like Master P managed to catch a break in court recently in his ongoing child support battle with his ex-wife Sonya Miller. According to TMZ, the rap mogul will only have to pay $271 a month in child support payments for each of their four children together.

Yet, the gossip site reports, it is unlikely this number will stick. Apparently the Department of Child Support Services ordered him with to shell out the bare minimum payments until they are clear on the exact amount of money he earns per month. P’s former wife is hard at work trying to assess those figures.

In more positive Master P news, the New Orleans native’s daughter Cymphonique was recently given the green light by Nickelodeon for her new, live action TV series, How to Rock. Following in her brother Romeo’s footsteps (he also had his own series, Romeo! from 2004-2006) the show is set to debut in 2012. —Elan Mancini

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  • wtf yo

    some one introduce his lawyer to Nas- Please!!!

  • opinionated

    Bruh he needs to introduce that lawyer to everybody not just Nas. Average Joes paying 6 to 700 a month for 1 child.

  • T

    That’s crazy. o.O

  • D-ROC-1

    I think Master P is fucked up for walking out the courtroom knowing he is atleast worth a few millions. Take care of yuor kids man because in the end he will be paying more than he would have wanted too. P you need to be a man and pay my nigga because 271 per child can’t take care of them man.

  • EARL

    This nigga is a genius! An asshole but still a genius!

  • Renzo

    You can’t say he’s not taking care of his children….who are you to make such a claim? Just because he’s ordered to pay child support in general doesn’t mean that the mother isn’t just digging for gold.

  • arnold504

    MP is money smart…… do u think he made all d millions he made bck then?? he’s good at hiding his money too