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  • AllDay

    412 BITCH

    • dick

      eat a dick boy

  • Nick Appleby

    COME TO RNV IN NEW ZEALAND, that shit will be huge!!

    • Jarrod


    • Stephen

      You my friend are a Genius!

  • EastEndDopeStatus

    Fuck this interviewer actin like he knows anything. Mac and Wiz finally put the burgh on the map in the hiphop scene. East End loves you homie. Reppin Dice high.

  • DJ Nichols

    These are the artists that I love; the artists genuinely enjoy their own accomplishment and strives to be deeper than their own pockets. That is swag! Shout outs to Mac!!!!!!!

  • yooo

    we on some blow

  • DNN

    Some folk just don’t know how to act online and say any ol’ thang…(looking up)

  • Jarrod

    Damn, be at Rhythm and Vines 2010/2011 Gisborne, New Zealand bro!

  • anthony

    come to los angeles/ORANGE COUNTY!!

  • matt c

    come to rnv in new zealand for new years will be huuuge

  • matty c

    come to rnv in new zealand for new years will be massive


    RHYTHM AND VINES NEW ZEALAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • liam

    come to new zealnd we need a singer like you mac miller